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Television Science: the Year of the Circuit

I keep hearing authorities on public radio applying logic to who and what we are that, if applied to a TV set, might run as follows: Though tradition claims that there is life beyond this TV set, a life that continues after its demise --actual living beings who create these moving pictures, the TV set being only a means of presenting them to others --we know, scientifically, that this cannot be the case. Here is the evidence:

1. Obviously, nothing of the life you see on a TV set can survive the demise of the TV set. Proof: destroy a TV set. It contains no more life, nor ever will again.

2. Evidence is mounting that the TV set is the SOURCE of the pictures you see on its screen. They are all created within the "brain" of the TV set. For example, if you sever this wire, the pictures vanish. If you sever THIS one, the picture lose their vertical hold. If you cut THAT one, they lose horizontal hold. If you destroy that part, they fade. If you destroy THAT part, the sound vanishes. And so forth. By disabling one or another component to see what it controls, scientists, daily, are clarifying the ways in which the various parts of the TV set contribute to the creation of its pictures. (Tube or not tube?)

3. Where sets are faulty (electrical brain imbalances), we can't cure them, but we CAN keep them operating. For example, when we jolt this set by attaching a power line to this part here, we don't get the correct picture back, but notice how the screen flares up, all brilliant white? See? We can keep it happy.

Our scientists -- never has more intelligence been exerted to propound greater stupidity. When a body dies, a body dies; therefore there is no soul. Huh? When you mess up part of a brain, the person becomes incapable of telling one face from another. Therefore the person IS his brain. So let's see: If I'm using brains and nerves to communicate via a body, and you can mess up my communication lines by messing up the body, I don't exist? If you can cut the brake linings on a car so that the brakes don't work, this proves that there's no driver?

I hope your brain (your?) enjoys these poems.

Oops -- got to go now. I hear my brain calling.

Lobe (frontal) and xxxxx

from Dean’s fingers
(They write the poems, not me -- says my brain.)

Copyright © 2001 by Dean Blehert. All Rights Reserved.

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Last updated: December 13, 2004