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Dean Blehert
Words & Pictures East Coast, LLC
11919 Moss Point Lane, Reston VA 20194
email: Contact form
Web: http://www.blehert.com


I have skills and experience as a manager, computer programmer, microcomputer product evaluator, technical writer, proposal evaluator, writer, researcher and editor, and as a micro-computer network designer. Ideally, I would like to continue to be employed in a consultant capacity. My specialty is thorough examination and assimilation of data to analyze and resolve problems. I feel my best use is as a generalist, performing tasks requiring intelligence, a willingness to ask questions, and the ability to communicate what I find.

Summary of computer-related qualifications:

I acquired most of my experience in computer technology and proposal writing while employed as a Network Sales Engineer at Government Technology Services, Inc. (GTSI) from 1989 to 1991 and from work there as a consultant, 1991 through 1998.

The following resume, written several years ago, is valid up to 1999. After that period I retired from technical work, returning in March-April, 2001, to help out on a government bid at GTSI. I have not done technical writing, bid research or RFP work since 2001. Since that time I have continued to write. (I'm a poet and have had 7 books of my work published.) I've also been active in various forms of volunteer work. But, as far as computer-oriented work is concerned, I've been retired since April, 2001. This absence from technical work means I'll need to do some rapid catch-up on current technology, but my writing skills and my ability to learn and assimilate the details of an area and to reason are higher than ever.

1991 to 1999: Computer Bids Consultant

I have worked with companies (including GTSI) in large bid procurement preparation. Most of my work has been with GTSI, with another major stint at EDS, preparing the network computing section of a response for an EDS proposal.
During this time, I participated in at least 20 procurements at GTSI, including various Treasury Dept., Army, NASA (SEWP I and SEWP II), and Air Force (Desk-Top V) procurements, some large (hundreds of millions over several years), others small and specialized (e.g., a contract for installing fiber optic networks at Army bases in Germany). They include contracts with thousands of separate items (e.g., ISA) and contracts for single items (e.g., Network server software for NASA SEWP II.) While my functions varied from contract to contract, some of the skills areas are: (1.) Researching on the Web and in magazines and by phone calls to vendors to locate products meeting bid specifications; (2.) Testing products to determine whether or not they meet specifications -- nearly always software (spreadsheets, graphics, databases, word processing, compilers); (3.) Writing RFP responses, (usually technical, but I have also written warranty- maintenance, business plans and other response material); (4.) Editing responses written by others; (5.) Studying vendor questions and Government responses to determine how these affect bid strategy or to locate feasible strategies; (6.) Researching new technical or other standards that come up, finding products that meet these standards and/or writing a response that shows how our products meet these standards. (For example, the first time an RFP required Energy-Star compliance, I was assigned research that standard. The first time an RFP stressed a solution with a low Total Cost of Ownership, I was assigned to research that criterion and provide a rationale, based on that criterion, for our proposed solution); (7.) studying RFPs to determine whether or not GTSI should respond to them and to prepare a report, outlining the basic features and difficulties of the RFP and how they make it a suitable project for GTSI (or not); (8.) Researching RFPs to determine whether a proposed strategy is feasible; (9.) Researching competitors to find out how they've priced products on recent procurements; (10.) Checking various on-line sources looking for Government contracts on which GTSI might profitably bid.

1989 to 1991: Network Sales Engineer, GTSI.
I helped sales people deal with government customers interested in ordering local area networks (LANs). I met with customers, worked out their needs and configured networks designed to meet those needs. During this time I received training from 3Com, Banyan, IBM and Novell, becoming a fully certified Novell engineer. I installed or helped install and/or debug a few networks, but mainly I worked on the pre-sale design and proposal, and checked out and corrected--technically and stylistically--all proposals by the other network sales engineers. In addition, I helped GTSI write several multi-million- dollar network proposals, most of which they won.

1988 to 1989: Tech. Consultant, Major Business Opportunities Division, GTSI

This section of the company responds to large government RFPs for microcomputer hardware and software. The four bids on which I worked over this period were each worth hundreds of millions or billions of dollars. I worked as technical consultant to the product managers, suggested products, made certain that products chosen (software and peripherals) were compliant. I researched and wrote nearly all the technical responses on the first large bid GTSI won (Navy Companion).

1985 to 1988: Technical Support Manager, GTSI

GTSI sells several thousand different microcomputer products from a few hundred manufacturers. It was my job to support all of them. Customers would call with questions or difficulties, and I'd get them an answer or solution. If I didn't know the answer myself, I'd phone vendor technical support until I had a complete solution. I handled both pre- and post-sale questions. While I held this post, it grew from single-manned to 14 people, with myself as the chief. (I left the position for wider responsibility.) During this time, in addition to handling technical calls and managerial duties, I organized a large library of technical product literature, did minor fixes on in-house software and hardware, wrote programs, and trained GTSI staff, helped establish the Tech. Support electronic bulletin board and network, organized vendor training for technical support representatives, and wrote several technical-guideline documents for use by sales people.

1983 to 1985: Various computer consulting jobs

As programmer/consultant at the Advisory Committee for Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR), I used mainframe PL1 to download a large database from a mainframe computer to a microcomputer. Then I used dBASE II to organize the data and import it into Lotus 123, where I developed macros to generate the desired reports. The purpose of the project was to develop a statistical model to help find an equitable way to return certain federal functions to state control. As trainee/programmer for AQUAS, Inc., I did mainframe programming, using PL1, SPSS, JCL, Wilbur, and TSO, and microcomputer dBASE II programming. I created most of the programs (about 250) for the accounting, billing and payroll functions of a courier system, using dBase and wrote the documentation for that system. I also learned the basics of COBOL, SAS, and other mainframe languages and applications, and did a small project in RPG II.

Prior to this time, my job experience was not computer related, although I should mention that I was an Assistant Professor of English Literature and Creative Writing at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York from 1967 to 1969. I left to pursue other interests.


1985: I wrote three workbooks for Ashton-Tate, including Introduction to dBASE III Plus Programming.

Education 1963 to 1967: Graduate student/Teaching Asst. at Stanford University. Completed MA in English, 1966. Completed all work toward PhD. in English except thesis (never completed). I was a Woodrow Wilson Fellow and a Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellow.

1959-1963: Attended University of Minnesota, completed BA's in English and Math. (double major), graduated Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, All College Scholar.

1956-1959: Attended Central High School in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Since leaving graduate school in 1967, I have received training in various subjects (professional counseling, communication skills) and taught myself other skills (computer programming).


I have expert knowledge of dBASE II and III Plus and am more or less familiar with at least 100 different microcomputer software packages of all sorts. I've worked extensively with several word processing packages (WordStar, Word Perfect, Word), AutoCad, Lotus 123, SuperCalc, Paradox, R:BASE 5000, Guru, etc., and, from my years evaluating products at GTSI, I've become able to learn and use a software package quickly.

I have some familiarity with BASIC, COBOL, and FORTRAN, though I'd have to relearn these, since I haven't used them for years.

I have expert knowledge of PL1 (somewhat rusty now) and fair knowledge of JCL, Wilbur, and TSO.

I have installed most types of peripheral boards in IBM- compatible microcomputers and am broadly familiar with the characteristics of a wide range of monitors, hard drives, graphics standards, printers, plotters, scanners, and mice. I am a skilled technical writer.

I have a good memory and quickly grasp written material, including manuals and government specifications. While working on bids, I seldom missed details and often caught errors that others missed.

I have management skills. During the period I managed the Technical Support Dept. at GTSI, the department was productive and received many commendations for its work. It was never a problem area for higher executives.

I am also a poet. My poems have been published in Modern Haiku, Kansas Quarterly Review, Crosscurrents, Light, Reston Review, Krax, Carousel, View From the Loft, Gold Dust, Dark Horse, Bogg, Visions, The Lyric, Lip Service, The Federal Poet, Admiror, Wild Rose, Wild Rose 2, Golden Horses (an anthology) and other poetry publications.

I have 6 published books of my poems (Dear Reader, 1976, Admiral Books, L.A., The Naked Clowns, 1982, Great Western, Glendale, CA, Poems for Adults and Other Children, 1989, Pogment Press, Reston, VA), and one chapbook (Family Pictures, 1979, Wild Rose Press, L.A.).


Negotiable or on a per-contract basis


Jim Dunn
Principal, Red Team Consulting
1984 Isaac Newton Sq. #300
Reston, VA 20190
(o) 703-787-9009
(c) 703-328-4466

Mark Kevitt
Chief Operating Officer
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