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Last updated: January 7, 2006

Light Verse Poems About Palindromes and Palindrome Poems:

This section is the first of three containing palindromes, palindrome poems and a few poems about palindromes. A palindrome is a word or group of words that reads, letter for letter the same backwards as it does forwards. The name "Otto" is a palindrome. So is "Madam, I'm Adam" or "Able was I ere I saw Elba." A palindrome poem is a poem (or tries to be) that, in it's entirety, is a palindrome. Most of the poems (or attempted poems) in these files are palindromic as a whole. A few consist of individual lines that are each palindromes, though in such cases, the poem as a whole is not palindromic.

Yes, the palindromes in this section are, letter for letter, the same forwards and backwards. If you don't believe it, try reading them bottom up. I begin this section with three poems ABOUT palindromes. These poems are NOT in themselves palindromes, but contain some. After them comes the deluge of palindromes.

Note: The samples above are oldies, as are the three at the start of the first poem. Also, it is likely that some of the other palindromes below have been anticipated by others, though as far as I know, they are my own originals. It is unlikely that any very brief palindrome has not been discovered by others. For example, after thinking I'd discovered it, I came across "red rum – murder" elsewhere. And recently I heard one I thought I'd made up ("Too hot to hoot") mentioned on the radio as being a classic. Since I'm too lazy to google each of the palindromes below, if any of you find earlier sources for any of them, let me know, and I'll remove them.

[Note: My version was:

Owls Quiet Tonight

Too hot to hoot.]

Poems ABOUT Palindromes:

Note: Palindromes in the following poems are Italicized. The first three, below, are classics, not my own discoveries.

When In Palindrome, Do As The Palindromans Do
(O do! O do!)

"Madam, I'm Adam"
"Able was I ere I saw Elba"
"A man, a plan, a canal - Panama!"

Clever verbal contortions, merely...and yet
there's a hint of mystery, as if,
behind our backs, our language were trying
to tell us something (WOOF! O OW!) - for example,

that while we pilot our bodies and our world
from past to future, other beings, much like us
(if rather backward) are propelling
the same bodies and world the other way,
so that when I say "Able was I...", and travel
half a second nearer death, the one who shares me
(passes me going the other way, knowing
as little of me as I of him) loses half
a second of experience as, saying "...ere I saw
Elba", he approaches my birth - his
enwombing. My passions are jokes to him
and vice versa - "Ah! Oh!" one says, the other
snorting "Ho! Ha!" "Live!" rejoices one,
approaching innocence, as "Evil! cries the other.

Hence the mystery of palindromes: These are the
moments when our two opposite worlds become
dimly comprehensible to each other, blips
upon each other's radar in time's darkness:
When I say "When I say", my counterpart says
"yas I nehw" or perhaps, "Ya, sin ehw".
If meaning lurks - that touch of sin, eh? -
I can make but little of it. But when I say,
"Star!", he (or eh) says "Rats!" - and THAT
I can make sense of, and when I say "Able was I
ere I saw Elba"
"Able was I ere I saw Elba" - Ah! Able was I ere
I saw Elba - Ha!
Oho! Mon Frere! Mon Semblable!

Briefly we have become one - our worlds, our destinies
one! Briefly we defeat time, grow younger even as we
age; dying and borning cancel out for a timeless
instant...and then we speed on, tightly bound
in our opposite tenses, as our mutually
incomprehensible tongues, like inept poets,
yap ONWARDS! - draw no pay.

Elba Fable

Of One Who Marched To A Different Palindrummer

It was rough for Napoleon on Elba, especially in the spring. He felt empty and futile as he mused:

"Dash! so BORED! (No wine, sir.) Passion? No. Is sap
risen, I wonder? O BOSH! Sad..."

After all, he had little to do, after years of furious activity, other than write letters to the local paper complaining about his exile - for example:

"Rot I, deported on Elba - Able? No, de trop, editor."

His adjutant tried to comfort him: "Your Majesty, you have many good years left you." Napoleon sighed,

"O lost sap! Egad! Alas! Salad age past - solo!"

"But, Sir," cried the adjutant, "You are immortal, ageless! Why Plato says..."
Rudely Napolean interrupted:

‘I age, moron! Ah, Platonic "I" - not Alpha nor Omega, I.'

The adjutant tried to remind him of happier days: "Sir, tell me again what they said of you when you had that seditious monarchist arrested on Christmas Day."
"They said:

'Eh, ca! Napoleon! Noel! Bonaparte! Trap a noble on
Noel? O panache!'"

"And tell me again about your triumphs during the Revolution in Paris! Please, Sir!"

"Deluge! Gap! Marseillaise! 'GARDE!' Red rages! I,
allies rampage, guled."

["Guled" = reddened, as by blood, a coinage from "gules"]
The adjutant tried to cheer him up further by applauding that past triumph and offering wine, but Napoleon sulked, obsessed with glory lost:

"O good one, Sire! If Elba tire..."
"Veni vidi vici..."
"...Ici vidi vine-veritable!"
"Fie - rise...no, do!...O go!"

The adjutant obeyed. Alone now, Napoleon tried to order his thoughts, haunted by words he couldn't quite recall - "A man, A plan...no, that's not it...Madam, I'm Adam...no no, something about being strong before I came to Elba...what WAS it!" But the words wouldn't come. "Let's see," he thought, "was it when my Mom visited and asked if I was nuts because I was standing out in the sun without hat and coat, and I brushed her off as follows:

'No, I tan, Ma - desirable was I ere I saw Elba rise' -

["rise" is nautical for "hove into view"]

"No," he mused, "that's not quite it. I must remember; it's the key to my whole career! Perhaps it relates to my inspiration, how I, an innocent youth, strolled the streets of Paris early one morning, enjoying sun and flowers, when suddenly I came upon French citizens bayoneted by the King's soldiers, bleeding into the dew, and I was nudged into history by the Goddess of Liberty:

I saw dew! O blessed do-gooder was I ere I saw red - O! O!
Goddess-elbowed was I!"

"No, no, that's not quite it. It's remorse, that's what it is - I rend myself, like a mangy cur scratching itself bloody, not only for my own loss, but for what I've done to Europe:

I Live. O Europe: Eden! I'm God! O empire of millions I,
able, won ere now! Elba is no ill. I'M foe! Rip me, O dog
mine! Deep - O! - rue evil I!"

"But no, that's not it either. What the hell do I care for Europe's troubles? Europe deserves worse for betraying me. I was a great man ere I saw Elba! Veni, vici, vidi...or is it vidi, veni, vici...or - O HELL! My memory, too, is going!

Ici O Vidi! Vici! Veni! Memorable was I ere I saw Elba -
Rome MINE! Vici! Vidi! Voici!"

"That's still not right! Who torments me so with these teasing words that go into the glorious past even as they move into the darkening future? Perhaps if I could remember the source of the words, then the words themselves would come to me. A drink might help: SERVANT, BRING WINE!" The adjutant trotted in with a bottle. Napoleon sniffed it and blew up:

"Red rum! Murder!"

"Oh pardon, your majesty, pardon!" cried the adjutant. By now Napoleon was ranting incoherently:

"Red rum! Oh wine! Mere men...I who murder..."

"Your Highness...your majesty...O tell me about your great victory in Russia - at Borodino, where the Russian army retreated, leaving the way clear to Moscow...".

"Fool," cried Napoleon, "Borodino was a DISASTER! It cost me dearly! Haven't you read Tolstoy - well, he's not born yet. But at the time I, myself, thought Borodino a triumph with nothing ahead of me but the looting of a vast empire. Little did I know it was the beginning of the end:

'ON I DO ROB!' was motto - bien! O La! - ere alone I
bottom saw: Borodino!"

"But, Sir, was there no glory in the battle, the bravery...?"
"Glory? Have you not been listening, lackey? War is about one thing:

Loot, Tool!

But go, go before I strike you! There, good riddance. Now, where was I? Oh yes, who is the source of those immortal words that sum up my entire destiny and that escape me at the moment - how frustrating! It must have been a great poet, thus to comprehend so much in so few words, an incredibly able poet. Wait...it's coming to me...ABLE WAS I ERE...Oh MERDE! It's a lousy annonymous PALINDROME! Can this be considered ART! Can this be called an ABILITY, this fudging with archaic words, inverted syntax and oddly positioned (Ah! O!) expletives? All puzzled together passionlessly by some pale twitching scholarly non-entity! It all comes down to this:

On Elba rot I. Art? Oh wherefore? No, it is - O! -
PALINDROMER: tremor'd, nil, a positioner of 'er', 'eh' -
Who? Traitor! Able? No.

A Mania Called Palindrome

"Have pun, will travail" brags a silly coxcomb.
All night, hour by hour, he'll concoct a Palindrome:
Palindrome, Palindrome - to whom can he show em?
A form without honor is the form called...Palindrome.

[Note: Based on an old radio and TV western called "Have Gun, Will Travel", whose hero called himself "Paladin". The theme song of the TV show ran something like, "‘Have gun, will travel,' is the card of a man...Paladin, Paladin, where to you roam? A knight without honor is a man called Paladin."]

Next some attempts at palindrome poems. I've put the ones I like best first. They suffer from varying amounts of laborious contrivance, arbitrary intrusions of "O!" and "Ah" needed to make them letter perfect, awkward syntax, etc. I've put first the ones that most manage naturalness or at least wit. But I've included (in the third palindrome section), many that seem strained to me simply for the geeky pleasure of seeing that such odd coagulations of words are, in fact, palindromes.

You'll notice that most of the longer ones are towards the end, in the third palindrome section. It's hard to tell a coherent story at any great length, while maintaining a palindrome, without strained syntax, lots of O and Ah and Eh and other contrived interjections, etc. The demand for exclamatory O's and Ho's make any attempt at a long, coherent palindrome likely to result in a rant.

The first poem here is one o fmy few longer poems that manages to be fully palindromic, while retaining sense, and with a minimum of awkwardness. It even makes sense and might be mistaken for a straight poem. It's a pretty good trick to incorporate "time and tide wait for no man" into a palindrome.

Note that the titles are NOT usually palindromes. Subtitles, if any, are usually palindromes. Note also that the ENTIRE poem is the palindrome, not, in most cases, the individual lines (though some titles or sub-titles are independent palindromes.) Here they are:


One "me",
man -
O not mood nor event;
I, awed, AM;
emit DNA edition...
no "I",
wait never
on doom
to no-name me,

Pure Corn

Nor irony nor iron.

Critic's Lament

We fret:
So few senile lines we foster! -

Infant's Puzzled Nuzzle

On papa a pap?...

The World Shrinks (as we all reach out to help)

I'm an us!

Warsaw, 1944

was raw.

Poets and Other Cheerleaders

Yap "ONWARDS!" -
draw no pay.

Newt Announces Attack on NEA

Strategy: Get Arts!

Cat In Translation

WOE! (Meow!)

Christ Explains Consequences of Original Sin to Mary

E.g., never a MAN I gave vagina, Ma -

Clever Poet Doesn't Delve Deep, but Burns Bright

No enema tube -
but a "ME", neon!

Sexual Pheromones

Amoral aroma.


Oh...OH...OH! HO HO HO!

Santa's Sleigh Meets Boeing 727

On! On! HoHo!...Oh oh - NO! NO!

Why Nast's Version Of Santa Hasn't Been Changed

Aha! Edit Santa? A T. Nast idea? Ha!

Why Walt Whitman Sings The Song Of Himself

O Gemini sin: I'm ego!

[Note: Whitman was born under Gemini.]

Ways to Allay 9-11 Anxiety

Get safe:
Tail a terrorist, Sir,
or retaliate fast, e.g.

How Red Ridinghood Got Eaten

"Gran?...EEK! O!..."
"Teeth so keen!...ARG!"

The Poet Remakes His Hamlet

Avon was drab enow;
One bard saw nova.

To A Singer Who Dares To Be Different

Tiny Tim, in all, is uptone - Lo!
O vocal art - OLE!
Not pusillanimity, nit!

Body to Soul

Animal lamina.

Sad Soul

I am in a doom mood: anima, I.

[Note: "Anima" means soul.]

The Sound of Two Hands Clapping

Dual laud.

Male Stripper

Tits 'n ass sans tit.

Klan Motto

No DNA bar abandon!

Death Respects No Latinate Distinctions

Torsi? Torsos?
Rot is rot.

The Taste Of A Summer Dusk:

Gnat tang.

What The Hair-Dresser Did
When She Ran Out Of Wigs:

Pomaded a mop.

Why Ananias Mocked Jesus

Liars rail.

Gestapo View Of Gypsies And Jews

Ha! Rot
to rat on,

[Note: This one is all too accurate: The Nazis did their best to kill off Jews (and burnt their Torahs) and Gypsies (and probably despised their Tarot packs). So they did consider Tarots and Torahs rot, and expected "good Germans" to rat on Jews and Gypsies, so they could be nabbed. It seems to me a minor miracle whenever this much straight history can be expressed in a palindrome.]

Target: Argot

Slang is signals: "Look, Ma --
I am KOOL!" Slang
is signals.

Weddings and Births

Semi-tragic cigar times.

The Barmaid's Response To "Cheer Up!"

Elan? I happily bury
my ruby lip - pah! -
in ale!

Husband Rues Marriage To Ageing Wife

O, "Gable" was I ere I saw El Bago!

Sex-Crazed Weight Lifter Goes Soft On Desserts

Able man - an ab/delt Tom - was I
ere I saw mottled banana melba.

Seinfeld's Neuman Reveals Himself

Remarkable was I ere I saw Elba, Kramer!

[Note: This, as a variation on the Napoleon palindrome, "Able was I ere I saw Elba", is particularly suitable as something Neuman would say to Kramer on the Seinfeld show, since Neuman has a Napoleonic ego and lust for power – and brags often to Kramer.]

What Napoleon Said (in Disgust) to the English Colonel Guarding Him on Elba, Where We Was Able to Receive Only NBC (and Jay Leno)

"Leno! Lo! Cable was I ere I saw Elba, Colonel!"

Plot to Shoot Napoleon, Code-Named "Elba OD" (And Over-Dose of Lead):

Elba OD final prep:
Instruct curt sniper.
Plan, if doable.

To Margo, Who Fell In Love With A Man Who Shared Her Initials

Margo, no man is in a monogram.

A Wolf Rejoices

Mm! Met a lulu, I did!
Did I ululate! MMM!

Pin-Up Girl Lolls

Flesh! - Oh Self!

Pin-Up Girl Rebels

Star! Oh self-image!
Leg am I? Flesh?
O rats!

O! Those Japanese Skin Flicks!

Dig! Nip orgy! Mmm!
My groping id!

Prince Charles Fails Diana

Id tepid, I pet Di.

Instructions to Hunters on Handling Elves Who Protect Deer

Deer...game, sniper:
if elf ire,
rifle fire
pins 'em -

The Cat Replies To His Rude French Owner

"Ici! pet - SIT!"
"O get cat tact! Egotist epic, I."

Celebrity Whores

Media paid 'em,
Media laid 'em.

[Note: Many of the most media-exploitive celebrities complain about getting screwed by the media, but the media pays them first – makes them celebrities. In this poem, each line is, separately, a palindrome.]

Adolescent Revolt

I, Ma, am I.

A Radical Feminist View Of Me

Man am I; ergo: ogre I, man, am.

Those Feminists Are Right About Me

I leer, ogle gab-gals:
Ergo ogre - slag-bagel! - go (REEL!) I.

Advice For Late-Night TV-Watchers

Evade Dave.

TV Goes On and On

Evade Dave.
One...late -- yet a Leno!

[Note: "One" means one a.m. In this poem, each line is separately a palindrome.]

The Proper Punishment

Pol Pot's top lop.

[Note: But Pol Pot, leader of the radical movement in Cambodia that wiped out millions of Cambodians, is said to have died of "natural causes".]

There Are Worse Things Than Caffeine

Ma faced
(not on decaf!)

Petruchio Wakes Kate, Not Sure How She'll Respond

Dame, Mate, take Mocha -
A moral aroma - Ah! Come, Kate...
tame? Mad?

[Note: Kate is the "shrew" of "Taming of the Shrew" – who weds Petruchio, the "tamer".]

Meditation Fails In A Pinch

A mammogram -

[Note: Mammograms require pressing the breasts and may pinch.]



[Note: Strictly following the myth, Prometheus was a Titan, not exactly a God, but he was tied (bound to a rock) as punishment for giving divine fire to man, and is associated with what is divine in humanity. And he is also deity-tied in the sense that he was tied up by Zeus.]

A Priest Rues His Sins With Young Girls

Did I, maiden-mad,
misuse Jesus?
I'm DAMNED, I am!

Joseph, Half Asleep, Respond's to Mary's Good News

(Yawn) Madonna!? Man! No damn way!

Result of a Misunderstood Word

Page gap.

[Note: Have you ever noticed that, when you go past a word you don't understand, what follows it on the page goes blank?]

Lonely, Scarlet O'Hara Ponders Her Lustful Cravings

War stifles! I die, wane -
volcano I, Tara pest.
Rape, rut - part rapture, part
separation, a cloven awe - id/I/self.
It's raw.

Dr. Jekyll Justifies Becoming Hyde

I man am. I'm a...oh who lives timid
stifles! I die, wane! Volcano IS.
REVERT: Rape, rut -
part rapture, part reversion,
a cloven awe - ID/I/SELF. It's dim,
it's evil - Oh who am I?
Man am I.

[Note: The Jekyll poem above is an expansion of the Scarlet O'Hara poem above the Jekyll poem.]

Zen and the Art of Car Racing

I saw race car.
Race car was I.

Matinee Idol Admires Himself In His Latest

We few are macho, oh camera, we few.

Masseurs are Rough in Florida

Miami, Florida ad:
"I Rolf! I maim!"

[Note: Rolfing is a form of massage therapy.]

Health Nut Hitler Wonders What That Stick Is
In Mussolini's Mouth

"Ha...Benito? Cinnamon?"
"No, man! Nicotine!"

J. Edgar, Do You Profile Blacks?

No, I tail
if fag affiliation.

[Note: Another sad but true one: J. Edgar Hoover went after homosexuals with a vengeance, though he, himself, apparently was one.]

Tea Drinkers Lament

Oolong...no loo!

[Note: In England, where tea (often oolong) is still the caffeined beverage of choice, lavatories are "loos", and tea-drinkers are in a sad plight if there's no loo nearby.]

Germans Getting Drunk

Noise, hock, cohesion.

[Note: Hock is white Rhine wine. Germans are noted for drinking and singing together noisily – but that's in Munich beer halls, unfortunately – I don't know if they go for hock – though it's originally a German word and a German wine.]

Supermarket Manager To Assistant Re Re-Coding
Japanese Sea Food

Redo crab
(Edo crab)
bar code,
bar coder.

[Note: "Edo" is an old name for Tokyo. Perhaps, if there is such a crab variety, it would have its own bar code.]

Poet Loves to Turn and Twist

I pivot, revel!

[Note: The late Denise Levertov, like most well-known academic poets, liked to keep her poems twisty and complex. Or if she didn't, this form demands it of her.]

How a Naked Man Flees an Angry Woman With a Knife:


Another Naked Man Runs Even Faster - But Still Doesn't Make It


[Note: The two palindromes above are based on the gory episode in which Ms. Bobbitt cut off her husband's penis. When a naked man runs, "it" will tend to bob. Ms. Bobbitt tended to John.]

Overworked Sailors, Deprived of Rum, One Starry Night
Break Into The Rum Barrels, Get Drunk, Mutiny, Desert

Stars. Tars tired.
"Rum! Rum! Rum!"
Gorge grog!
It's rats,

[Note: Deserters are often called "rats".]

Absent Father's Definition


What's Really Served In Mexican Restaurants

Tacos, Nachos, Tortillas, all - it rots! Oh!...
Cans O' cat!

Why The Government Gets So Little Done

Loco torpor - O protocol!

Biologist Hoping to Receive a Female Speciman...

Ow! Tsetse testes. Two.

Clean City

Toronto got no rot.

What's Your Name, Rainbow?

Sir, I'm Iris.

[Note: Iris is the Greek goddess of the rainbow.]

That Child -- Why Doesn't It Move?

No "it": Autism situation.

Aerobic German Cakewalk

Torte trot.

"What Can Lift A Planet?" Asked Archimedes.
His Answer Divides His Audience:

"Aloof God!"

"No! IT! - a lever! Revelation!"

"Dog! Fool!"
"A salt!"
"A dog!"

Nobel Peace Prize Tribute


[Note: Anwar Sadat, then President of Egypt, shared a Nobel Peace Prize with Menachim Began, Prime Minister of Israel – long ago, it seems now.]

Tragic Princesses

A Diana.
An Aida.

Start of "Law and Order"

Red rumple...HELP! MURDER!

Passion's Slave

Oh serf! Ah! Self was
(I saw) flesh afresh...O!

[Note: He calls himself a serf, a slave to lust, seeing himself newly as mere flesh.]

Eve to Adam

O help, Pa -- Apple Ho!

Eve Learned Her Lesson

Dwelt in a baobab a boa.
"Ban it! Lewd!"

[Note: Line two is Eve's reaction to the snake in the baobab tree. She's learned not to trust snakes.]

Sage Covets Motorcycle, Though it is Illusion

Aha! Maya! A Yamaha!

How To Get A 100-Year-Old Wife Pregnant

Harass Sarah.

[Note: Per the Old Testament, Sarah was nearly 100 years old when Abraham "begat" Isaac.]

Immortal Mariner Explains Motive --
More Boredom Than Malice

Evil am I?
I, mateys?
Sorta blah (sad me!) was I ere I saw [em dash]
albatross. Yet am I...
I'm alive.

[Note: The Ancient Mariner revisited – and it works pretty well, I think, except that I had to spell out "em dash" (like writing "comma" for ",") to make it work as a palindrome.]

Pantheist Exhorts Agnostic

Sun is! I do!
God is it!
Riddle I? Ye Mock! Listen, Agnostic...
a tacit song, a net, silk... Come, yield!
Dirt is! I do.
God is in us!

Worn Out & Sober After Arduous
Sex With His Daughters:

Lot: "I regret sin. I'm a minister...

[Note: After escaping from Sodom, Lot and his daughters take refuge in a cave. The daughters, despairing of lineage (all their acquaintances dead in Sodom) get Daddy drunk and have sex with him. Lot must be exhausted. Hence, he not only regrets the sin, but also craves Geritol, a supposedly energizing product for the elderly.]

Lot's Daughters in the Cave

Tolerable epic: I peel-bare Lot.
Tolerable, Eros...O reel, bare Lot!

[Note: Here the daughters speak. Each line is a separate palindrome.]

Late-In-Term Fetus Complains of Jolting,
Wishes Daddy Would Spare Mommy

Fool! Let late
felatio do! O,
do I tale fetal tell...

Drunken Retiree Injured After
Attacking Birds With Her Umbrella

Spinster: "GERONIMO!"...
minor egret snips.

How Did The Spinster Become An Alcoholic?

Spinster frets, nips.

Ma'am, What Did You Nip?

Spinster: "Geritol -
a lot!
I regrets nips."

Called An Old Maid, She Proudly Shows Her Stitches

I am a woman, air a secret...SNIPS!
Spinster Cesarian.
Am...OW!...a Ma, I.

Young Fan Admires Fay Wray

Keen eek!

[Note: Fay Wray, actress famous for screaming, as the girl carried away by King Kong in the original version.]

Bitter, Fay Wray Scolds Her Star-Struck Understudy

Star? Idol?
Pose, yelp, Miss, till a sign.
I keep EEKing is all - it's simple, yes?
O Poo! Plod I!

Advice to Millay and T. S.

Toil! Edna and Eliot.

Advice to Love-Lorn Poet, Millay

And eye no honey, Edna

Poor Beetle, Gregor Samsa, Hearing Ado,
Peeps From His Room, Sees His Newly Nubile Sister
Transformed By Her Prom Dress And Exclaims:

SIS? Oh - Prom! AT 'em! Metamorphosis!

[Note: In Kafka's short story, "Metamorphosis", Gregor, turned into a beetle, doesn't see his sister in a prom dress, but the story ends – after Gregor's death – with his parents noticing with pleasure his sisters metamorphosis into a young woman.]

Why Older Sister Changes When She's
Appointed Baby Sitter:

Sis? Oh, pro (Ma) tem metamorphosis.

[Note: "Pro (Ma) tem because she's a Mom pro tem (temporarily). Sorry, the palindrome made me do it.]

What is Projectle Vomiting?

Metabolic - I lob at 'em!

Warning to Near-Sighted Whale-Hunters When Oprah
Is Off Her Diet:


Note: Find more palindrome poems in "Palindromes - 2" and "Palindromes -3"