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Last updated: January 7, 2006

Light Verse - More Palindrome Poems:

This is the third palindrome page. Again, a palindrome is a word or group of words that reads exactly the same, letter for letter, whether read forwards or backwards. (Note: It's the letters that count, not punctuation marks or spaces.) Thus "Otto" and "Madam, I'm Adam" and "Able was I ere I saw Elba" are classic palindromes.

What follows are more of my own attempts to write palindrome poems and witticisms. In nearly every case, the entire poem (not counting the title) is a palindrome. Sometimes (where so noted) the title is a separate palindrome. In a few cases (where so noted), not the poem itself, but each individual line of the poem is a palindrome.

I put my favorite ones in the first two palindrome sections. This third palindrome page contains the ones I feel are the weakest, but is worth a look (if you're interested in palindromes) for their ambition. Often they are weak because I worked hard to extend a palindrome into a 10 or 12 or 20 line poem. That's not so easy – try it. The longest ones are quite a ways down.

[Note on the next three palindromes: Basho is considered the creator of the first haiku, which is simply "The old pond. A frog leaps in. Water sound." My version contemplates the extent to which Basho identifies with the frog. The next poem is about another great author of haiku, Issa – his gentleness, occasional silliness. (He's my favorite.) The third tries to describe, palindromically, the third of the three greatest haikuists, Buson, a painter/poet and thorough professional, sensing that, polished though he is, some may accuse him of having no "sub-strata". Only the Issa poem manages to fit into the magic 17 syllables, but, of course, none of these really work as haiku.]

Who Leaps Into The Old Pond?

Is "I" true to Basho?...
Hero Frog? I'VE vigor, for...eh? -
Oh saboteur - 'tis I.

Gentle Issa Is Charming, But Perhaps
Not For All-American He-Men

Was I assinine?
Meek? Nay! O no YANKEE men
in Issa I saw!

Consumate Artist, Buson Refutes Critics

Eh? Bad-rap Buson at arts!
"Buson - no substrata..."
No sub-par dab, he!

Nun's Creed

Man-union? No - I nun am.

Clandestine Prayers at the Third Canonical Hour

Secret Terces.

Jabba the Hut's Diet

Star Wars raw rats.

Sees His Dead Lover, Thinks It's A Ghost - Devil-Sent,
Finds It's Solid, Thinks He Must Be Dead Himself

Evil? A Maid I lost -
apparition? No, it I rap, pat - solid!
I am alive?

Headline For Mixed Doubles Orgy That Ruins The Net


[Note: That is, sin taxes the net – palindromes often rely on rather inverted syntax.]

Sperm's Eye View Of Ejaculation And Battle For Egg

I hog genital lips!
Raw, Mr. --
egg-germ WAR!
Spill at...
IN egg: OH!
I am!

Don't Get Mad at Puck's Tricks

Sore? Mad?
I, Puck, CUPID am,

Backlogs Corrupt Civil Courts

Tort rot.

Star Of Old TV Show Turns Down Corny Script

No melodrama! Ramar do lemon!?

[Note: Refers to 50's TV series, "Ramar of the Jungle".]

Horny Teen, Caught In The Act
Before Bathroom Mirror, Explains

Mmm! Men! - I'm one!
Design is, in my hope,
epic! I TORERO am, Ma...
or, erotic, I peep - O!
hymn I sing! Is Eden - O! - mine?

[Note: The sense of it is, he says he's a man, and his male design is, in his hopeful imagination, epic (huge). He's a torero, a bullfighter. Or he stirs himself by erotic peeping (in magazines?).]

How Eve Got Even With Adam For Treating Her
As An Inferior

"O HELP, PA!..."
(I Eve am - Lo! DUMB I! - rib, mud - Ol' Ma Eve I...)
"...Apple HO!"

Spiritualist Marge, Wired, Ditches Mystic Quietism, Throws
Away Her Third Eye And Opts For Heart-Throbbing Passion
[Yo, Bro - Middle Eye: Eld, Dim Orb, Oy!]

I'm ego - made reviled!
O helot system! A helot said it
(O he who spots no "I"!) to me:
"Marge, let One Son's God
a tacit symbol be."
Yet I rip! Symbolic,
I lob my spirit eye,
blob mystic,
at a dog's nose. No telegram emotion (STOPs) - Oh we!
Hot, I, diastole - HA! - met systole - HO! - delivered am, O gem -

[Note: The sub-titles is also a palindrome. Awkward as this mess is, it does make sense (not so easy to discern) and it's quite a coup getting both diastole and systole (the two parts of a heart beat) into one line. At the start, Marge talks about how she's rejected the idea that ego is to be reviled, calls it a helot (slave) belief, defines a helot as one without an "I" or ego, refers to Christian mysticism and unity with the God of Christ ("One Son's God") -- tacit internal union. Says to hell with all that, gets rid of her spiritual eye ("blob mystic"). Says she wants REAL (not telegrammed) emotion, that is, abbreviated and full of "stops" (a pun). Says she came together with her lover, diastole meeting systole, etc.]

Neil Diamond's Lover Responds To His Ardor With:

Ebullient Neil-lube.
(Diamond - AH! - had no maid.)

[Note: This time each of the two lines is, separately, a palindrome. The lover is no "maid" – that is, virgin, and supplies ample lubrication for his lubricity.]

Lee Blames Himself For Having Prolonged A Vicious War

No, we bag no loot...no.
O goat? tool? hero? No! -
is SAP!
War for a week? Nay,
Robert E. Lee let Reb
or Yankee war of raw passion
(or -- eh? -- loot? Tao?)
go on too long.
Abe won.

Thinking Of Nan (But Not Of Nana), He Sins
(And May Come Back For Nano-Seconds)

O Nan!...O Nan!...O Nan!...O, ON!
Onanism! SIN! A no-no!
On an' on... --
anon - an "O!"

[Note: One meaning of "onanism" is masturbation.]

His Treasonous Heresy Was: "I, Life, Create All;
Therefore All Is Life." The Inquisitions Verdict:

"No 'it'? I!
Destination: No 'it' an 'it'? -

[Note: "Destination" in the sense, "where this argument leads us". If there are no things, only life created by life (I), then no it is an it.]

Zoologist Relates How He Captured Copulating Foxes

Oh, I...hem...
part animals - ah me! -
defined sex of foxes' den;
I fed 'em...
Ha! -
Me? "Hi Ho..."

[Hi Ho -- that is, after catching them, he carries them off gaily.]

A Dirty Campaigner Gets Mucked

Live oration erupts -
O most pure...
no, I tar! -
O evil!

Why We Keep The Dog Away From The Cat Box

No gag:
Oops! Dog loots stool - Gods! POO!
Gag on!

Environmentalist Discovers Too Late Big-Wig Conspiracy
To Cover Up River Pollution, Spits In Contempt At His

Ah, Snail-I, victim.
O VIP-piss is Simon pure!
Vocal? I've noise: HOCK!
Cohesion, evil, a cover up -
no Mississippi vomit,
civilians - HA!

To Get at the Beer...

Stave vats.

Sore Spot Stops Eros
[Erosion? No - I Sore!]

"Daryl, lo! From...uh...sex I'm sore.
Damn rub! I burn!"
Mad Eros mixes humor, folly - RAD!

[Note: Sub-title is also a palindrome.]

Virgin Upstairs Maid Is Disgusted With Sex
After Her Spurned Lover Goes Mad

Sexes! O resign it!
Lover - HOT lover - I made bedamned.
I am maid. I am maiden.
Made bed am I! Revolt!
Oh revolting is Eros,

[Note: She's both a maid (her job) and a maiden (virgin). She feels her fate is settled now by her having driven her lover made by spurning him: She is a "made bed." She revolts against sex because she finds it and her exes revolting.]

Sidekick Tries To Talk Hero Out Of Wearing Red Into Battle

Hero, lo! Consider war:
Even if for a flag,
a gal far off - I never!
Aw, red is no color, eh?

Paganini Confesses To A Priest The Sin Of Taking Advantage
Of An Innocent Fan Whose Love For Him Was Spiritual
(That is, she was agape with agape)

In! In a gap - in! Agape,
mad on agape, Pa! I -
O! -
gaga go!
O gaga go I APE! Pagan
(O dame!) --
pagan I,

[Note: "Agape" (pronounced "ah-gah-pay") is a Greek word meaning divine love or altruistic, pure, spiritual love. The Priest is "Pa" – Father, his title. Violinist/composer Paganini had mobs of devoted fans. He says in the first two lines that this female fan was agape (wide open) and mad on agape (love).]

The Ghost Of Everett Koop Haunts Two Kool Smokers, Tells
Them He Can't Stand Magazine Cigarette Ads And Despairs
Of His Times. They Try To Get Rid Of Him.


"Tis a trap, Ed!
Koop's look!
Semi-total war!"

"Cigarette rag
O times!"

"Kool-spook, DEPART! -
as I, too..."


[Note: Everett Koop was the Surgeon General who first required health warnings on cigarette packs. A "cigarette rag" means a magazine advertising cigarettes -- "rag" is slang for a newspaper or magazine. Stanzas 1, 3 and 5 are supposed to be the ghost of Koop. A "Kook-spook" might haunt those who smoke Kools.]

TV Addict's Lament

Damn it! I damn I!
Television ropes us - I'm a nit, I!
I lampoon, sit on,
as it is a "not-I", snoop! -
malign is! I've let it in! A misuse
porno is! I've let in mad IT -
in! Mad!

Delia Tells Roni How, Accidentally Bumping the Cat While
Having Sex Caused the Cat's Wails to Intertwine With Her Own

Roni, Metal fan,
I, Delia, who, en rut,
contact cat: Nocturne ("OH")
wailed – in A flat? E Minor?

Editor Promises Poet Fame & Girls, but Warns
of Cycle of Fortune:

Editor: "Odes reverb!
Belles? Sure, Russell!

[Note: I do have a poet friend named Russell (Salamon) whose odes do reverberate and promise fame. The last part, though, doesn't apply to him, I hope, with the idea that the tide of fame will ebb and reverse, moving us from "do" to "rot".]

The Honeymoon Is Over
(Wo! Hon - Niag'ra Bargain? Nohow!)

Hot lovers repaid Niagara.
War again -
diapers, revolt...

[Note: The idea is that the lovers get brief respite from their quarrels, her rebellion against dirty diapers, etc., while on their honeymoon, but they have to pay for that respite when the war between them breaks out worse than ever afterwards.]

On The Road, Sunset, Sancho Gentles His Ass, Calling It
Onager (Wild Ass); Trying To Sup While Riding, Laughs
To Find His Meal Too Spicy, Takes A Slug Of Gin

Red now on night-rim -
Onager, On!...OOPS! No spinal leaps!
Paella nips -
On spoon...oregano!
(Mirth, gin)
No wonder!

How The Farmer Hauls Fertilizer

Tractors rot cart?

Iraqi Rivers, Once Hospitible to Adam & Eve,
Fill Up With Gunboats

Sadam Armadas
Adam Ramadas.

[Note: This only makes sense if you get that "Armadas" is a verb here, meaning "to load (the Tigris and Euphrates rivers) with war ships; and that the rivers were once hospitable to Adam and Eve, enclosing Eden (per many scholars), so were Adam Ramadas – hotels for Adam. Pretty strained. Apologies.]

How To Get Lot Out Of Sodom Alive

Dog God.

[Note: Anyone who has ever heard a "dyslexic" joke knows that dog is the reverse of God, but I hope my title makes this new for you, since that's part of how Abraham got his kinsmen, Lot, safely out of Sodom (where people probably did it doggy-style): He dogged God – nagged him, bargained with him for lives.]

Tax Shelterer Saves $10,000

Now I wax - at Tenth G!
IRA - Evasion? No! I save -
a right. Net tax? Aw -
I won.

As Nam Went, So Goes Borneo

"A" is a detail of Eden: One defoliated Asia.

[Note: Damn! I remember feeling this one was a masterpiece when I wrote it, but now I can't recall what is the significance of "‘A' is a detail of Eden." I think the idea is that the speaker is pointing to Map A (of many) and explaining that it is a detail from a larger map of Eden. We defoliated much of Vietnam during the fighting there. More recently, Borneo lost much of its forest to fires.]

Special Girdle Help's Poet Stand Erect

Osteopath girdle
held RIGHT a poet -

Look, Ma - Both Hands!

Am I maladept at pedal?
AM I, ma!

Moses Explains: It's Dangerous To Throw Down
A Serpent Staff If You're Out Of Practice. Also
High Priests Like Aaron Must Not Throw Weapons

Nor I nor Aaron lob my staff,
its fire-venom - O never! -
if stiff at symbol...
nor Aaron iron.

[Note: This actually makes sense. Moses says that neither he nor Aaron throw down a serpent staff, with it's fiery venom IF they are "stiff" (rusty) at "symbol" (at making things represent or become other things), nor does Aaron ever throw iron (weapons). Tricky syntax, but it almost works – in my dreams!]

Gnats Stang?
No, But They Taste Lousy

Gnat...tongue - ug! Not tang!

[Note: Title is also a palindrome.]

After The Gulf War, Two Zoo-Keepers In Kuwait
Meet While Hunting For Lost Animals, Find A
Dead Lion, Leading One To Ponder Life And Death

"Oh! who is it?"
"It is I."
"I may do bonafide trap, Ed..."
"O Gee! Here lion is!...
suppose zoo ooze
sop puss in oil
ere he, ego, departed?"
"If a nobody am I,
is it I?
'Tis I...oh who?"

Prometheus Hears Zeus' Sacred Owl, Recalls His Sin,
Is Punished, Freed, Ponders His Sin
(Sue Zeus?)

Ere he rips, a hoot!
I'm fired? NO!...
Wide-reviled, de-livered -
torn up as drabs, bird dribs -
Bards! a pun: rotgut -
de-reviled delivered,
I wonder if...
misdeed to -
Oh! - aspire here?

[Note: Tricky to get puns into a palindrome, but in the myth, Prometheus is repeatedly de-livered (the bird rips out his guts) and eventually delivered. Here he's still tied to the rock, recalls his "deeds", wonders if he sins again even by aspiring to freedom. The poem cheats, since the owl is sacred to Athena, not, as far as I know, to her Dad, Zeus. Note that the subtitle "sue Zeus?" is also a palindrome.]

Confederate Vet Meets A Lady He Knew During The War.
She Remembers Only A Small Part Of Him.

"Reb member - Reb! Me, Dame -
remember? Reb - me?"
"Mere mad ember -
Reb member."

Hercules, Cleaning The Stables, Mocks Himself, Stoically

Hero, Do! (oo!) Do!
O dodo! -
doodoo odor, eh?

[Note: A hero is one who DOES, so he mocks his heroism and calls himself a dodo, since all he can do is shovel doodoo.]

Saint Despises Secular Law as Mockery, Communion Polluted
by Worship of Pleasure, Idolatrous Adoration of Symbols
and Vanity, Pledges His Life to Christ and the Faith
That Can Pass Through Walls

O reviled
evil droll
"law", Dei-fed! How one deified - fie! - Id! Rood?
O Dei-fed, deified Rood! O Temple! - Ho! Nosh! Peso!
Jesus-sent, I
witness, USE
Joseph-Son, O
Help met! - O
Door deified,
defied - O do
or die! "If",
de-IFied enow -
Oh defied wall!
Lord, live!
Deliver! O!

[Note: What a bitch to try to bring this shape onto the web! George Herbert definitely wouldn't have composed any cross-shaped palindrome Internet poems.]

In Anne Rice's Next Novel, The Monster Created By Dr. E.
Repents, Prays, Decides He Is Not Worthy And Resigns
Himself To A Life Of Active Evil.

Lived ago Dr. E. - vile devil -
Live-deliver'd - O Gad! -
evil, evil I!

Now -
NOW lived evil!
I saw no garden -
O goddam!

I lived evil,
a dog,
O reviled was I!

I saw!

Deliver, O God, a live devil!

I? Mad dog?
One DRAGON was I!
Live devil won -

I live -
lived a god reviled,
Live! Deliver! Do! Gad! -

Young Paleontologist Imagines A Crumbling Pillar
Of White Crystaline Stone To Be Lot's Wife;
Thinks Of Lily, His Sweetheart, Going Mod;
Ponders The Mortality Of All Things

Lily-most lass...MOD? - O!
So for all I plan,
if even elapses paleontology,
Lily go?
"Lot, no!" -
Elapses pale névé* - final pillar of - O! - Sodom's salt?
So my Lil!

*Névé is granular crystalized glacial snow, resembling salt or the white rock in the poem.

Snooty Fashion Editor Insists That Chief Editor Give Her An
Expense Account That Covers Cab Fare

Yaw on bus? I? Rot! I detest - oh! - trams, Ed.
If a nob,
I to nix at taxi? Not I -
bonafide smart-(HOT!)-set editor, I!

Fly Me to the Mountain Top

En-Alp me! I emplane.

Masochistic Girl's Fantasy Stirs Stammer
As Palindrome Takes A P

To lip p...penal priapus up!
airplane P...P...PILOT!

[Note: The idea is she wants to give head to a pilot, and, being masochistic, wants a "penal" priapus, something big enough to cause pain?]

Hi-Tech Girl Dreams of Toying With His Joy Stick

O! To lip spot,
palm lap top's pilot...

[Note: Fun to get "Palm Pilot", a tiny laptop, into this one.]

Urged By Her Id, Princess Diana Acts

"Id am I, O Di, Diana - Id!
LAY or DIE!"
Diana did an aide. Id!
Royal Diana: "Id I do! I, mad I!"

What is Psychiatry?

Enabling Nil – Bane!

The Pavior Sings This As,
On His Knees On The Lawn,
Wearily He Tars Our Paths

Star - Sun O sun! O emit!
To ham-raw - to pro-rata task...
lawn! O on! on!
Evaporation suffocates -
set A.C. off us? No!
I tar
(O pave no noon walks!)
at a tar-or-pot-warm -
a HOT time.
On us: onus - Rats!

P U! T Eliot, Old-Aged Eliot - Fell! -
Left Oiled (Egad! Lo!) Toilet Up!

One poet, ah! - T. Eliot - was FINE poet;
Odd id - DNA? - but was -
O Holy "mot!" - ANAL! -
Anatomy? Lo! Ho! -
saw tub and did dote, O pen!
If saw toilet - HATE!
(Open? O!)

[Note: Title, above, is a palindrome in itself. This palindrome makes a certain dim sense, since Eliot was spiffy and rather put off (like his character, Prufrock) by seediness and perhaps could have been considered anal, so possibly doted on the cleansing tub and hated the toilet. In any case, it's not my fault that "T. Eliot" is a palindromic "toilet." No wonder he insisted on the middle intial, S.]

Minor Poet, Jealous of Movie Stars,
Complains to Fellow Poet, John

Star? RATS! - MGM dog!
Name cinema's use, John - O NONE!
Poet-arts? No! Mere sop, poet!
Arise, tame mates! Oppose!
"Yo! hot! A top starlet! - OH!"
Damned fool mirror of evil
dim life! - film I'd live for?
Or rim - lo! - of den-mad hotel rats -
potato! Ho! Yes!
Oppose, tame mates! Irate, oppose!
Remonstrate, O pen!
On! On! Ho! Jesus!
Amen, Iceman-God-MGM-Star - RATS!

Beat That Senator With a Stick

Rot! Cane enactor!

[The senator enacts laws, so to cane an enactor might be to cane a senator because of the "rot" he's speaking. This actually happened to a Congressman during the heated debates shortly before the Civil War. Another Congressman who disagreed caned him in Congress and injured him badly.]

The Palindrome Form Addresses A Practitioner, Tells Him
He Is A Mere Positioner Of Odd Sylables, Not An Artist

Doodoo, dodo!
"Don't!" sighs art as I -
I! - art named am.
Oh wherefore?
No! It is - O! Palindromer,
tremor'd, nil,
a positioner of "er", "eh"
who made mantra I -
is a trash (Gist? No!),

[It's not easy to get the word "palindrome" into a palindrome. This makes sense. The palindrome form calls the practioner "dodo" (an idiot) and says his work is "doodoo" (shit). The form says that "art" cried out "don't!" to those who named palindroming an art ("as I - I! -- art named am" -- terrible inverted syntax). Why should it be considered art? ("Oh wherefore?") No, the person who writes palindromes (palindromer) is "tremored" (a cowardly spirit), a nothing (nil), who simply positions "er" and "eh" to make these word patterns (I -- the palindrome speaking) or mantras (verbal chants). The palindrome "Is a trash" without gist ("Gist? No!"), words doodoo'd by a dodo (trashed as by a dog's droppings).]

Spake the Sunflower:

Magnolia, HA!
I long am!

How We Are Limited By Our Respect For The Walls
We Create To Locate Ourselves

Wall law:
O wall awe!
Who spots, stops.
Oh, we WALL -
All law.

[This perhaps makes sense: Wall law -- the law is a wall of prohibitions, and walls, themselves, are bound by laws. We make walls solid by being in awe of them. When we spot a wall, we are stopped. We wall -- that is, we create walls by our considerations. If we go up against them, we are hurt ("Aw! Oh!"). All law is Wall law. Something like that. Needs work.]

John Wayne Toasts Enola Gay
(Ton Bomb - Mob Not)

O Gay Enola -
Ha! - on toot? No!
Ah, alone ya go.

[Note: Enola Gay is the name of the plane that dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima. It flew in alone (no other planes accompanied it) and not "on a toot". Why John Wayne? Because he was an arch conservative who liked to portray war heroes, though he never went to war himself, and because I needed someone for whom the word "ya" for "you" would not seem so contrived.]

The Seventh Fleet Is Drowned Out By Vesuvius

O Naval POW -
Is it pure wop lava?

[Note: The idea is that the Seventh Fleet fires (erupts with) a salvo (POW!), but is drowned out by an eruption of Vesuvius, which out-classes the fleet, being, unlike the fleet's salvo, "pure wop (vulgar for Italian) lava.]

Comin' Thru the Rye

"No! O God!" (A leer)
"Footsie is too free, Lad! O go...

[Note: The speaker is the lass, and she's telling him he shouldn't be doing this to her (playing footsie?)], but her "O go" becomes "O go on!" -- in other words, don't stop. Some of these seemed a lot more coherent to me when I wrote them.]

As Penelope Wove...

Su tats status.

[Note: Well, I do have a friend named Su, but I don't think she tats (makes lace).]

War is Hell

War's procedure: Rude corps, raw.

Politician On The Beach Ponders -
Is He Too Fat? No, Just A Big Wheel...Or...

But NUTS! I'm red - I peel! Bared is no
A fat cat's a fast cat, no? Contacts!
A fast act...a fat tub...but, note, NOT fat...
not NIL - considerable epidermis, tun tub!

[Note: This is probably brilliant, but I am no longer able to follow it. I hope you can. I think the politician is saying he's red and peeling, but that the butt he's bared to the son is no one-ton tub-butt like Bill Clinton's President Taft's. Then he rationalizes, OK, so I'm a fat cat, that's good, isn't it? Means I get fast action and have a lot of contacts. But then he notes ironically that that doesn't mean he's fat – ha! He's certainly not nil. No, he is showing a considerable skin (epidermis) – he's a tun tub. OK, so it makes sense, but sheeese!]

Instructions to Contractor re Military Robot

Tips: Secret faecal plan A:
Stipulate metal
up its anal place,
after cesspit.

[Note: Makes little sense, but I like it. "Faecal" is an alternative spelling for "fecal" – all my dictionaries agree.]

Refreshing Pause

Motel: It refixes sex: I,
fertile, Tom.

How Mohammed Ali Gets It On Again

I lay 'til it refixes sex: I, fertility, ALI!

Cite Medicine: Desi's Edenic Id -- Emetic?

Sexes, sex! I? --
fertility cult I await, Lucy --
'til it refixes sexes.

[Note: The three related palindromes above don't quite work for me. The first two make more sense than the third, in which Desi seems to tell Lucy that he's given up on sex until a fertility cult brings back Eden or something. Note that the title of the third one is a palindrome itself. In the first one, "Tom" is either the speaker's name or his sexual identity (tom cat). In the second one, it makes sense for Ali to identify himself with fertility -- like a fertility God, not only because he had many kids, but also because that sort of epic bragging was part of his schtick.]

Let Your Body Talk

Hone message: Gas, semen...OH!

[Note: Another one that must have meant something at the time. I think it refers to ways the body talks – by passing gas and making orgasm noises.]

Banally and Spitefully I Vie for Fame with Bad,
Rude, but Visionary Poet

Drab name-nab, Russell, I - venom, alas!
Salamon: Evil, less urbane man...Bard.

Poet Wants to Write Sad Poems - Says to Hell
with Going to LaSalle College:

No, Ma - LaSalle's sure urine! Piss! I pen, I rue -
Russell, a Salamon!

[Note: Above two palindromes distinguished only by their success in incorporating the full name of my old friend, poet Russell Salamon, in a palindrome that almost makes sense. In the first one, I tell him that I am a drab name-nab (stealing his good name for my palindrome) and a venomous one. That's as far as I can find coherence in either.]

Farewell to the Car That Got All the Girls

A Toyota!
Ta, Toyota Camry, ta!
Satyr, Mac, a toy!
O ta ta, Toyota!

[I guess "Satyr, Mac, a toy!" indicate that the speaker is telling Mac that his play thing (the Camry) is a satyr or makes him a satyr. Not too coherent. The first line "a Toyota" is a palindrome in itself -- but one that many have discovered.]


1. To My Hearty and Faithful Guide:

Pamela - hale map!

2. To My True Inspiration, My Readers - How Much Do I Owe Them?

Muse? Tote sum!

3. To The One I REALLY Want To Please:

Mom? Rot! I dedicate: O poet, acid editor...Mom?

[Note: The first one makes sense, since my wife, Pamela, is my healthy or sane (hale) guide. The second one seemed like a good idea at the time, but I don't understand it now. I must have meant "tote" in the sense of "tote up" -- that is, "total the sum". I'm assigning my Muse the chore. The third one also must have made sense to me at the time, but all I can make of it now is that I wanted to get "dedicate" into a dedication and that Mom comes into it with a question mark (and "rot!") because I'd rather dedicate it to a poet and acid (sharp, critical) editor. But Mom would do for critical.]