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Ohio? Oh oh!  [A silly poem best read aloud]        

Had Dorothy lived in Toronto,
would she have had a Toronto Toto
with, on his paws, Toronto Toto toes?

Are there showgirls in Chicago
who dance Chicago gogo
for men who know how Chicago gogo goes?

Are village idiots all the rage in Toledo,
one of them famous as the Toledo Dodo,
rewarded for his foolery with Toledo Dodo dough?

Did Lolita visit Tupelo,
and find it depressing? Was Tupelo low, Lo?

Is there a yoyo champ in Tokyo who yodels as he yoyos?
Then you can great him in Tokyo, Yo! Yoyo yodler!

Does Santa leave nylons for a ho’ in Idaho?
Does he cry out over Idaho “Ho Ho Ho, ho’--hose!”

Whassup with that lead guitarist’s wabbly sound?
Dude, are you using an Okinawa wa wa—wha?!

If, in Turino, the citizens have an intricate system of taboos
spy on each other and ostracize violaters, then if you commit
a Turino no-no, know no nosy Turino citizen will speak  to you.

Are there Three Stooges in Kokomo,
one of whom is Kokomo Moe
who endorses Kokomo Moe Cocoa,
for though he likes Kokomo Moe coffee, he likes Kokomo Moe Cocoa mo’?

There are dogs in Xanadu who poop on the dewy grass
during early morning walks when the cocks crow.
Thus, dogs in Xanadu do do-do dew duly
at Cockadoodledoo.

If we were French tourists in Malawi
and caught a social disease that made it painful to pee,
recovering, we might give a small Malawian cheer
and a French affirmation at being again able to pee
with ease. Thus, with a Malawi wee Whee! Oui Oui! we wee-wee!

If late in the war, suicide pilots flew planes loaded
with explosives made in Osaka out of rooster droppings,
they would have been the Osaka cock-kaka Kamikazis.

Last updated 7-21-2014