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Site of Pam Coulter Blehert (artist) and Dean Blehert (poet)


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Dear Artist - about art and artists by Pam
Dear Reader - essays by Dean
Deanotations - poem-a-day by Dean
pamphlets - comments on life by Pam

Read Night Walks
Read Satori
Read both

Night Walks and its Sequel: Satori

Restless autumn:  Brothers, sisters,
parents, homework, and television
closed in around me, seventeen,
but when I reached out to push them away,
they were too far away to touch.

I had to move out
through the musty front hall and heavy
oak door to find space enough
for me to reach out toward the boundaries
of what I would become.

Long arcades of elms:  From an airplane,
green fuzz for a child to finger flat;
on a map nothing at all,
but from the sidewalk a universe
of leaf-shadow, leaf-song--at night, endless
echoing, branch-vaulted darkness, always a breeze
to carry the sounds of home away behind me.

. . . .read the whole "Night Walks" poem

and read its sequel, Satori


(Satori Story: the "sequel" below was written later than the "Night Walks" but is a logical continuation of "Night Walks".)

Hard to begin when you know
you'll have to end something
that has no ending.

Now I write the date on the page,
and it seems to begin.  The ending?
That's when everybody laughs.
Or maybe it, too, is the date.

Once (a good beginning) on a windy night
I walked, knowing:  This is me,
and now is now bursting from me
as song needing no reason,
I the fountainhead of reasons and feelings.

The story could end there.
Some illusion (of being a teenager
with acne and uncombable hair) ended.

I go home, Mom nags ("Don't you have
homework?"); I'm so high, it doesn't
reach me.  Next day I try to tell someone,
who doesn't get it.

Later I make an effort to be funny,
then wonder if a clown could really have known
what I'd seemed to know the night before

and that night I masturbate, wondering
what good is it to know something
that doesn't need to be any good
to be what it is.

The story could end there,
but doesn't (who says?  I say. . .
read the whole Satori poem.

Here's a series of poems about the media:

News Poems

Think the Rhubarbs Will Hurt the Reign?

Newspeople endlessly discuss the weather:
"Rodney King enough out for you?"
"Yeh, it's been a real verdicty day.
Haven't seen a verdict like that
since the trial of '89."
"Hope it gets saner out, be nice to have
some sanity for a while."
"Yeh, but a little riot wouldn't hurt.
We haven't had a good riot for months."
"Does it feel like a riot to you?"
"Nope, I don't have that creaking
in my big toe."


The newscaster deals in facts,
but begins with a lie:
"This is the news."

Read the rest of the News Poems . . .

On Finding Out I've Been Doing Something Right

Freeing people is not done by waving signs,
flaunting slogans on T-shirts, writing scathing letters
to editors and politicians, collecting signatures
or slashing chains with cleavers and swords.

It’s a precision thing, asking the right question,
being by being, one at a time,
letting nothing distract you from seeing
the obvious and making the obvious,
but exact-as-a-well-honed-scalpel response. . .

read the whole poem

On Making it to the Big Time
essay by Dean Blehert

A poet (or anyone in a challenging field where many aspire and few achieve fame) often seems to be on the brink of being discovered or making a leap into the “big time,” only to have it fizzle out, then feel that nothing came of it. After a series of such “failures,” he slopes toward despair.

Actually, few or none of these disappointments were entirely failures. Something of use came of each—or did if one notices . . . read more

Read more on the poetry archive. . .

. . . . Read selected short poems

Blank Pages, Dean's e-book, is now available for reading on the web or for printing as an e-book (PDF).

A Doll's Journey

The Doll's Journey (a blank verse poem and story by Dean Blehert) is now available as a "print-on-demand" coloring book (40 Pages from lulu.com) and a colored work-in-progress, using a Wacom Stylus, is on the web. Drawings through No. 19 (of 32 drawings) are in color.

Now you can listen to Dean read his own poems — a new dimension!

Dean's Poem-a-day for 2006 is on the web. (Prior years are also available.) After 2006, he began to blog them. (See Deanotations for short poems and Dear Reader for longer poems and essays.)

A new addition (more poems) to the collection of poetry on Mental Health for Dummies (or How Psychiatry is Destructive Only When Used As Directed) by Dean Blehert is included on the Lots of Poetry link.

Get Deanotations 110 in PDF format.

Words & Pictures now hosts the Federal Poet Website. The Federal Poets meet monthly, usually on the 3rd Saturday at 2 pm at the Tenleytown Library in Washington DC.

Online Gallery: check out my new artist's website: pamcoulterart.com.

Art Students note:

ArtistEssay on the Third Dimension
Recommended Paint Supply Lists
Supplies for Color Theory Class

Powerpoint presentation on materials for art students -- I haven't firgured out how to embed a powerpoint or PDF file. If you are one of my students and would like a copy of the PDF, please email me and I will send to you by email.

Recent and Coming Events
Pam Coulter Blehert

February 2016: Accepted in the League of Reston Artists show: "Inspired by Love" at the Hunters Woods gallery.


Bradley Wharf, Rockport MAAugust 2015: "Bradley Wharf, Rockport MA" was awarded Third Place in the USGS annual show.

Giverny in AutumnAugust 2015: "Giverny in Autumn" (oil) is accepted in the August 'Scapes show at the Torpedo Factory, sponsored by the Art League of Alexandria.

Great Falls Early SpringAugust 2015: "Great Falls, Early Spring" is displayed in the annual U.S. Geological Survey show sponsored by the League of Reston Artists and awarded third place. The painting is oil, 24 x 36.

April, 2015: "Conversation, North Point Starbucks" was awarded 2nd place in the annual Founder's Exhibit at the Rose Gallery in Reston.



Rainy Day BluesJuly 2014: Rainy Day Blues, oil, 16 x 20, is accepted in the monthly Art League of Alexandria show.Sunday Morning Papers

June 2014: "Sunday Morning Papers" was a painting done of my mother, from "life" many years ago (1976), as she was reading the Sunday papers. It was featured on cover of Elan magazine April 2009. It has just sold in June 2014.

Great Falls VA 2006May 2014: Great Falls VA, 11 x 14, oil, was painted (plein air) in 2006 and sold in May 2014. It won best of show LRA at USGS Aug 2008 and was accepted in Art League show at Torpedo Factory in April 2010. It's a favorite of mine. I think it has a slightly "Japanese" woodcut feel to it.

April, 2014: Sold a small (8 x 10) Plein Air painting called "Artist in Field."

Artist in Field

January 2014: Large abstract: "20 Years of Clutter" was accepted in the Art League of Alexandria " Abstract Expressionism Revisited" show.

Also, Chasen Gallery sold my third view of Hanover Avenue (titled: "Hanover Avenue III").

December 2013: I showcased a selection of recent works at the Reston Association, 12001 Sunrise ValleyDrive, Reston VA 20191.

Carousel at Glen EchoDecember 2013: My painting of "Carousel at Glen Echo" was accepted in the Art League of Alexandria December show.

November 2013 — Entered "Large Works" show at the Art League, Torpedo Factory show. My Painting "Aftermath — Tsunami" was one of 16 paintings selected from 65 entrants and won one of 4 Honorable Mentions. (There were only 5 awards given, one Best of Show and 4 Hon. Mentions.)

October 12 - January 11, 2014 — "Small Wonders" show at Parkridge 5, including 4 paintings:

  • "Memories of Bethany" -- awarded First Place;
  • "Small Boat Dock, St. Kitts,"
  • "St. Eustasius, Volcano," and
  • "Snail in the Garden" (mosaic)

October, 2013 — I was in a number of shows:

  • artReston, with "Orange Trees", "Lake Fairfax Park", and "Waiting, Model in Black;"
  • A portrait show at ArtSpace Herndon with "Cellist;"
  • Annual "Red Barn Exhibit" in Waterford VA with "Carousel in Glen Echo," and "Great Falls in Early Spring;"
  • Annual "Art at the Mill" show in Millwood VA showing "Lucketts Antiques" and "June Morning Riverbend;"
  • Art at the Park show in Quiet Waters park, Annapolis VA, Oct 19-20 with 20 paintings, including "View of the Harbor, Annapolis" which sold.

October 2013 — Sold "James River Railway Bridge" thru Chasen Galleries.

September 2013 — Participated in annual group show "Art Mirrors Culture", submitting "Fishing Boats Unloading" (Greece, 1966), "Pine and Station Sts" (Herndon VA), and "Universal Liquor" (Washington DC). I was also in a one-day Glen Echo Show with "Glen Echo View" which sold.

August 2013 — Participated in the annual "Paint & Beyond" show at the US Geological Survey National Headquarters. I entered "Poppy Fields", "Shack in the Foothills", and "Lilies and Oranges."

June 15 to July 31 — Participated in League of Reston Artists "Summer Vibes" show at Hunters Woods with "Nancy's Place, Reflections."

June 2013 — June 1-30, participated in a group show "Colors of Summer" of abstracts at DéCOR showroom in Richmond VA, showing my abstract: "Gypsy."

June, 2013 — "Memories of Bethany" (12"x12", acrylic) is accepted for display by the Art League of Alexandria.

April-May 2013 — awarded Best of Show for Stream with Rapids at Parkridge show in Reston. I originally called it "Stream in Autumn, Martinique" but was later unsure that it was actually in Martinique so shortened it to current name.

April, 2013 — Awarded second place for Luckett's Antiques at the League of Reston Artists' Founder's show, Rose Gallery.

February 2013 — I was awarded an Honorable Mention for "Floral with Brown Pitcher" which I donated to the Art League of Alexandria's annual Patron's Show.

January 2013 — sold Hanover Street II through Chasen Galleries.

See more on the Gallery page

Last updated: July 2, 2016


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