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Please, Lord, Make Me a Famous Poet or at Least Less Fat

or Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Poetry But Were Afraid If You Asked, Someone Would Start Talking About Whatchamajigger Pentameter by Dean Blehert.


Uproarious book of poetry about poetry. Takes on all comers, Beowulf through Plath and even the poetry slam. No toes go untrodden. Deft, outrageous parody and satire. "Dean Blehert is a radical innovator in contemporary poetry. He has rediscovered pleasure. His poems are - how contrarian - both fun to read and wonderfully perceptive about the follies of modern life. I hope he represents the cutting edge of poetry for the new millennium. But if not, we can console ourselves by rereading him." Dana Gioia. "What a banquet!! -- a feast of wit, wild and wonderful -- incredibly clever!" Lyn Lifshin

ISBN 1-892261-03-0, 416 pp. , indexed by subject and title, illustrated by Pam Coulter, publ. Words & Pictures East Coast, 1999

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No Cats Have Been Maimed or Mutilated During the Making of this Book

But Some of Them Are Disappointed -- Very Disappointed -- in Me


Mainstream, Gil Lamont: "Blehert's poems grab me by the scruff of the neck and demand to be read.... It's like eating potato chips, you can't stop at just one. Only the occasional eulogies that brought a lump to my throat made me want to stop for a while, and reflect on cats I've lost over the years.... This is too good a book to keep selfishly. Buy two, one for you, one for your friends, and be grateful that Blehert has so accurately let us look at ourselves too, through our foibles as cats' caregivers and surrogate parents and servants."

ISBN No. 0-9644857-5-3, 80 pp. (Originally published by Words & Pictures Press in 1996)

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I Swear He Was Laughing

Poems About Dogs Mostly) Who Only THINK They Are People, But Aren't, So Can't Read This Book, So Will You Please Read It for Them?


For anyone who has ever loved or been loved by a dog. Mainstream, Tina Perry: "...a delightful book of poems about everyone's best friends, dogs. The book made me laugh, smile, and it also brought tears to my eyes." "Dogs sweat through their tongues. /I'm being licked on the cheek /by a dog's armpit." "The dog has had enough cuddling /and uncoils off the bed. /I stare at my skin, /watching for any freckles /that move." "Old friend, I hear one of my years is seven of yours. /I'd slow for you if I could."

ISBN No. 0-9644857-4-5, 81 pp. (Originally published by Words & Pictures Press in 1996)

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Poems for Adults and Other Children

This is Dean's fourth book of poetry. Most of the poems in this book are taken from the issues of his popular and momular poetry letter, Deanotations. Some of them are funny and may have been intended that way. One, "The Doll's Journey," may be a story for children; scholars still debate whether the children of Blehert's time could have understood it. The other poems, it is widely agreed, are for grown-ups, but only those who don't understand what the scholars are talking about.

ISBN 0-838823-01-9 (Originally published by Pogment Press in Reston in 1988)

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$10.00 (limited remaining copies)

The Naked Clowns

The clowns in these poems are men and women in love or wanting to be, all dressed up in bodies so as to be naked for each other. The poems range from ribald to lyrical, from earthy to ethereal, but all live up to the title.

ISBN 0-86666-017-8 (Originally published by Great Western Publishing Co. Inc in 1981)

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The Jasmine Papers


$15.00 (and a bargain at that!)

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Dear Reader

Out of print (Limited copies available. inquire)

ISBN:None (Originally published by Admiral Books in 1976)

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Family Pictures

Out of print (Limited copies available. Inquire)

ISBN: None, 34 pages (Originally published by Wild Rose Publishing in 1979)

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Other books and chapbooks that you can order from us

Pecos County and Other Poems, by Olivia Williams Coulter, $6.00Pecos County and Other Poems

by Olivia Williams Coulter

Published by the Writers Center and contains very fine poems about the southwest. Available from Words & Pictures.


Pam's Chapbook, Some Poems by Pam Blehert, $3.00Pam's Chapbook

by Pam Coulter Blehert

Pam's favorites in a saddle-stitched edition. Limited edition, soon to be updated as:

Pam's Revised Chapbook.

$2.50 + S&H

Don't Feed the Grass, by Dean Blehert, ill. by Pam Blehert, $3.00Don't Feed the Grass

by Dean Blehert and illustrated by Pam

A long poem about the importance of one's own vision.


What can be Given, by Dean Blehert, Ill. by Pam Blehert, $3.00What Can be Given

by Dean Blehert and illustrated by Pam

The importance of Art is explained.


Last updated: December 17, 2004