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An incredibly detailed and wonderful exploration of illustration -- http://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/illustration.htm

United Artist Group - Artists Helping Artists
United Artist Group provides a platform where artists can display their original art and biographies.

The League of Reston Artists - and my portfolio page: http://www.leagueofrestonartists.org/blehert.htm

The Vienna Arts Society - an artists' association in the greater No. Va. area

Art Exchange -- An artist registry and sales site. (Search for prices for Pam Coulter art: http://www.art-exchange.com/art-exchange/art.asp )

World Wide Artists Registry (use arts locator at bottom of page to search on 'Coulter' -- be sure to use initial capital letter)

Cross Town Arts.  They have local Washington DC area arts events.

Artnetwork. An Artists' guide and art marketing network.

The Art League of Alexandria -- recent shows I've participated in:

June 1998    October 1998    January 1999    February 1999 (Patron's Show)     May 1999    July 1999    August 1999   October 1999    January 2000   May 2000    November 2000(small works) April 2001    September 2001 July 2002    August 2002   Sept 2003 - Won Best OF Show   August 2003 (needs updating...)

(You can always find shrink-wrapped works of mine under "Coulter" in the Art League bin gallery at the Torpedo factory. Competitive pricing)

Ec-art.com, The Largest Gallery on Earth, created to bridge the gap between artists and art lovers around the world


Internet ArtResources
The collector’s guide to the visual arts!


Last updated: Tuesday, May 9, 2006