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Jere Matlock

Co-Author - "The Power of Agreements" with Klaus Hilgers
Co-Author - "Confronting Diabetes" with Dr. Frank Davis
Contributor to "Golden Horses" poetry book
Articles in "Premiere Podiatrist" Magazine
Articles in "Premiere OD" Magazine
Articles in "Premiere Dentist" Magazine
Articles in "Premiere CPA" Magazine
Online Marketing article up at http://www.frugalfun.com/matlock.html
Website opening soon: http://www.wordsinarow.com Come by to check out poetry, short stories, books, etc.
Born 1952, Texas. Early expert on step-parents/broken homes/foster homes. Lived in 52 different dwellings and attended 17 schools before graduating high school in Portland, Oregon, 1970. Skills include: Writer, publisher, internet marketer, helmsman, painter, carpenter, sheet metal, fine cabinetry, typing, paralegal, secretarial,computer sales, import/export, cooking, wire sculpture, drywall, old home renovation, dad and grand-dad. Scientology® Minister since 1977. Recently reunited with first love (Marie Chandler Gale) after 25 year hiatus and two marriages each. Getting settled down on her timber ranch in Southwestern Oregon. Learning to ride horses. Happy.

Motto: Don't be so damned thin-skinned: Reach!

Favorite Mark Twain quote: "Few things are harder to put up with than the annoyance of a good example."

Favorite Tolkein quote: "Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards. They are subtle and quick to anger."

Favorite L. Ron Hubbard quotes: "The right way to be is to be." "A man is only as alive as he can communicate."

Send Mail to Jere at


You see the black-bottomed clouds
That scud unbroken across the sky?
Their long gray fingers soak the soil,
Cleanse the mistletoe in the oaks,
Scrub the mosses to a brighter green.

It won’t be long, though, before the clouds
Gather into lumps and, cracking open,
Reveal their arcing sides, their tops that
Tower miles above us.

And through the cleft between
The piled white clouds,
There’s the treasure.
Comes such a blue,
Such a blue as men must put there
With their love of color.

After all this, of course
The bees get back to work,
Hanging the air out to dry
In the sunlight.

If We Live Forever

If we live forever,
We do a terrible job of it.

If we live forever,
We should be able
To soar limitless
In or out of bodies at will,
Transcending the
Warnings of pain,
Unfettered in our
Romp through time.

Living forever,
We would remember
That we have been,
All that we have done.
Every sensation,
Every wonderful

If we were to live forever,
We would be thinking
Mainly of the
Quality of our survival
As immortals.

We would be protective
Of our freedoms,
We would be
Forced ourselves
To live in any
Too clever trap
We created.

We might spend
Less time criticizing
Our surroundings
If we knew they
Were our own making.

We might hate our
Enemies a little less
If we knew they were
The children of
Our children's children.

If we lived
Forever we
Would not treat
Each other so shabbily.
If we knew
That those we brushed
Aside or blew off
Would come around again
With long memories
Of ancient evils, ours.

If we lived forever
The simple knowledge
Of our living on
Might light our
Lives from within.

Copyright © 1999. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Duplication of this poetry and/or art without permission of the author/artist is forbidden under copyright law. Please ask permission if you wish to use for non-commercial purposes
  Big Cats in Snow Tuesday, July 11, 2000