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Colleen Wilhite

Colleen Wilhite     Colleen Rose O'Brien Wilhite's freelance writing business is called Celtic Rose Productions. The name is a play on her own name and her Irish roots. She lives in Clearwater, Florida but is originally from St.Louis, Mo. Her business writing specialities are newsletters and catalogs; her best customer being her husband, Virgil, owner of Wilhite Collectibles - sellers of rare books and paper collectibles.
   Colleen spends her volunteering hours as the Public Relations Executive for Artists in Action, a community arts group in Clearwater inspired by the works of writer and humanitarian, L.Ron Hubbard. Colleen produces the AiA monthly variety showcase and presides over the AiA Poets & Writers Guild which was brought into being to help writers enhance their creativity, expand their communication lines and increase audience demand for their work.
   Here are a selection of poems from her book & audio tape in progress; the working title being: "The Pleasures & Pitfalls of Poetry". This is also the name of a workshop she gives to writers and readers alike on the major joys and problems of poetry.

Contact Colleen at celticr@tampabay.rr.com

Dancing on Pearls

You must not think
When executing an arabesque
Above curving gems of iridescent pink
For you’ll not look so picturesque

If this dance you’d not burlesque
Above all mental noise take flight
Else you may find yourself at risk
From lustrous globes of pearly white

This is an art for airy sprites
A task which wins in laughter
To twirl ‘top milky orbs of rainbow light
Remember this advice hereafter
Don’t think!

If I Were Florida

One pearl hued morning
I stretch out
A long, lean bathing beauty
I ripple my sandy curves
Condos topple
Palms laughing breathlessly
Grip tightly
For a thigh high roller coaster ride

In afternoon’s balm
I turn to
Catch more hot golden rays
Theme parks and casino boats
Vanish down my
Umbilicus sinkhole
Paradise panderers
Disappear without a trace

In sunset’s scarves I rise
Shake off the sand
Gray highways slide
Into the ebbing sea
The star fish and the jelly fish
The dolphins and the manatees
Awaken from their naps
To frolic near my suntanned flesh

The moon in sequined gown awakes
We watch
The unicorns return
To live within the shelter of my pines
To drink my cold, eternal springs
While ospreys wheel
And white egrets learn to sing.


The fluttering breeze
The fan of white wings
The flight of birds
Call to the frail soul of me
To soar, to fly away
Free from this grounded nest
Of featherless flesh


The guitar
A forlorn love

The paint box
Dull with disuse

The canvas
Pale and alone

Pen and ink
Lie on a shelf

Dancing shoes
Dusty, decayed

The music
No longer plays

The artists

Cured of their creativity
Cured of their selves

Ask Hemingway
Ask Monroe
Ask Cobain
A Ritalin kid

Copyright © 1999. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Duplication of this poetry and/or art without permission of the author/artist is forbidden under copyright law. Please ask permission if you wish to use for non-commercial purposes
  Big Cats in Snow Tuesday, July 11, 2000