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Suzanne Stedman

About the Artist...

Suzanne Stedman grew up on a ranch in Montana. Lacking television and other elements of popular culture, her parents raised her on a cultural diet of classical music, literature, history and exposed her to fine art through their book collection.

This background, along with her University studies in English Literature and Philosophy, forged a rich basis for a life in the world of the Arts.

For many years, Suzanne worked in the area of Theatre, Film and Television as a professional actor in New York, London and Los Angeles.

In recent years, she revived her childhood passion for drawing and has developed these skills to a professional level. She believes her background as an actor is an asset when it comes to her drawing and painting -- especially portraits.

Suzanne has participated in many group exhibitions in Seattle Washington, where she now lives, and was awarded a first place prize for her drawing in one of these exhibitions.

Suzanne's work is in private collections in Indiana, California, Oregon, Montana and Washington.

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