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Pamela Coulter Blehert

Words & Pictures East Coast, LLC
11919 Moss Point Lane, Reston VA 20194
email: My email form
Web: http://www.blehert.com

OBJECTIVE:computer graphics, illustration and web design and maintenance. I am mainly interested in work that is temporary, intermittent or home-based (such as web maintenance or graphics design). I am reliable, competent, and I think on my feet.

Summary of computer-related qualifications:

July 2004 to present: Freelance Fine and Graphic artist and writer

2001 - 2004: Technical Writer and Graphic Artist, 3ETI

From August, 2001 until June of 2003, when I retired to pursue artistic interests, I was the technical writer and graphic artist for the Marketing Division of 3ETI, based in Rockville MD.

1999 - 2001: Technical Writer, 3Com

From October 1999 to July 2001, when 3Com closed their DSL lab in Tysons Corners VA, I was the sole technical writer for manuals for this group, working with Framemaker, Pagemaker, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

1991 - 1999: Self-Employed, Reston, VA

I have been a self-employed artist and computer consultant (technical research and writing.)

In 1998, I designed and published a 416 page Trade Paperback using desktop publishing skills (Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Photoshop), incorporating text, footnotes, indexes, illustrations, table of contents, full-color cover. See sample on www.blehert.com. (My computer-related skills include: Word, Wordperfect, Excel, Access, dBase, Quicken, Quickbooks and other office programs.) I have set up a personal WEB page and I have intermediate skill with Adobe Pagemaker and Photoshop. Some knowledge of Illustrator (mostly self-taught). I have done computer consulting for bids preparation for Government Technology Services Incorporated (GTSI) a local computer integrator. I have a fully configured home office with an Aptiva E86. In June 99, I completed NOVA courses in HTML Authoring and Intro to JavaScript. In August 99 I completed ZDU (Ziff-Davis University) courses in Frontpage 98 and Photoshop 5.5. In August, I installed Homesit 4.0.1 and am rebuilding my existing site using it as a learning tool. I have recently been doing volunteer HTML editing for www.cortlandreview.com and working on sample URLs.

1989-1991: US Geological Survey, Reston VA

I was a Space Management Specialist, responsible for applying my knowledge of GSA leasing regulations, Government policy and general knowledge of project management to ensure that space occupied by USGS field operations in the Eastern part of the US and leased by the GSA were properly managed and that lease negotiations were completed on time. I left after the death of my mother and an inheritance enabled me to pursue my talent as an artist full-time. I am an award-winning oil painter with over 260 sales.

1975-1988: General Services Administration, Washington DC

I entered through the Management Intern Program. I accepted a position on the Planning Staff of the Public Building Service. I moved from there to a position as Branch Chief of the Administrative and Technical Support Branch, Real Estate Division, in 1980. I was responsible for maintenance of data in a time-sharing mainframe using DML language, for management of a $300 million annual budget for rental property administered by GSA, and for various management analysis, personnel and administrative functions for the Division. In 1986, I moved to a position as Program Manager on a task force at Central Office which was responsible for the management of a contract to design and install hardware and software for a new internal PBS computer system. In 1987 I returned to the Regional Office Branch Chief position for one year. I left for a position at USGS National Center because my mother was dying of cancer. (USGS is located 10 minutes from my home. ) During these years, I became computer literate as regards the technology of the time (time-sharing main frame) but with only high level language skills (DML).


Antioch College: BA, Humanities. 3.5 average. George Washington University: MPA (Masters of Public Administration)with emphasis on Project Management and Management Analysis.


Negotiable or on a per-contract basis


Last updated: January 1, 2006