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News Item Archives

February 12, 2004, 7:30: Pam Blehert read and talked about her art at the Nora School Poetry Reading.

Saturday, June 15th, 2002: Dean Blehert read at the Mariposa Cafe in College Park.

Dean and Pam Blehert were featured at a poetry reading on Thurs., April 20, 2000 at Rock Creek Gallery (aka The Art Barn), 8 pm in Rock Creek Park.

Dean Blehert was one of the participants in "Slam in the Village", a two part poetry competition featuring Henry Taylor, Pulitzer Prize winner for The Flying Change, on Friday, February 25, 2000, 7 to 11 PM at the Friendship Heights Village Center. He won third place in the SLAM! Karren Alenier moderated, and, other participants included Miles David Moore, Lyn Lifshin, Mel Belin, Nicki Miller, Toby DeBarr, Brandon Johnson, Jonathan Vaile, and Denice Johnson.

Dean was featured at a reading at Borders in Waldorf, MD, on Thurs., Jan. 29, 2000.

February 7, 2000 at 6:30pm, Dean moderated, as usual, a poetry workshop at the Barnes & Noble in Reston (Spectrum Center) -- this is a monthly event, each first Monday of the month. Bring a poem to read, and if you want critiquing, bring 8 or 10 copies to pass out.

Dean Blehert was featured at RW Books in Manassas (Old Town) along with Mel Belin, 2 pm, Sunday, February 6, 2000.

Dean Blehert was featured reader at Myth.com, the fabulous new poetry and slam venue in Georgetown, on Sunday, October 17th.

Apple & MatissePam Blehert was a participant in the Bethesda Row Art Festival on October 17-18, 1999. Despite some rain on Sunday, it was fun and profitable.

Dean received an award and recognition for "best poems" for poems accepted and published in the Summer 1999 issue of WordWrights magazine, and has his mug featured on the outside cover (photo courtesy of Pam Blehert)

Words and Pictures has a copy of a 1/2 hour cable TV broadcast interview with author Dean Blehert done in St. Paul, MN and would be willing to lend to cable stations in other areas. Contact us!

Last Updated: Saturday, July 24, 2004