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Deanotations, Volume One (Issues 1-20)





2009 Calendar (featuring 12 of Pam's paintings) beautifully produced on lulu.com





The Doll's Journey, coloring book, 40 pgs, Dean's poem illustrated by Pam, produced on lulu.com





Please Lord, Make Me a Famous Poet, also available on Amazon.com





No Cats Have Been Maimed or Mutilated
During the Making of This Book, also available on Amazon.com





I Swear He Was Laughing, also available on Amazon.com





Poems for Adults and Other Children (out of print, limited copies)





The Naked Clowns (out of print, limited copies)





Dear Reader (out of print, limited copies)





Recovery (chapbook)by Pam Blehert (out of print, limited copies)





The Jasmine Poems by David Ross





Pecos County and Other Poems by Olivia Williams Coulter (out of print, limited copies)





TAX:  VA Residents add 5% tax;  Shipping & Handling Rates for Please, Lord . . . (a 416 page book)  Media Mail Rate:$4.00 Priority Mail: $10.00 Rates for smaller books media mail Rate: $ 3.00 Priority Mail: $7.00 Mailing rate subject to change in accordance with US Postal Service changes. Tax of 5% added for Virginia residents.

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