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A Guide to Writing for College by Veritas Prep: Recommended by the college writing class in Laramie, Wyoming

WordsinaRow: Our friend Jere Matlock does professional web design and writing.

Chandler's Soaps: "The first batch of natural soap I made was cooked in a big canning pot in the kitchen over coffee with friends. It took a long time and was hard stirring there for a while, but it fascinated me - and I was hooked!" says the founder of Chandler's soaps. Lots of wonderful natural products.

Silver Lining Health Products is the company dedicated to offering the essential, tried and proven nutritional supplements that get real results, not the fads or the thousands of confusing products out there.


Webopedia - Computer dictionary
Whatis.com (a computer dictionary and resource)
FOLDOC Computing Dictionary
AnyWho - find telephone info etc.

HTML and Webmaster info

Free hosting The complete range of web hosting companies on the net just one click away.
Pegasus Web Design Resources ( www.pegaweb.com )
Tutorials on HTML, CSS at RichInStyle
Useful information about Postscript at www.quite.com
http://www.pcpitstop.com/ - This site helps keep your PC working well.
HTML Image Mappers for Windows 95 - from TUCOWS
Audio Composers for Windows 95 - from TUCOWS
Browsers and other downloadable aps
Project Cool - Web help
Trellix - WEB page Software $69
Quality Resources for Web Authors
WEB tools
ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network
Cascading Style Sheets, Level 2
About WebTV
Search engine free for your web site
Webreference.com Links to resources and articles.
HTML Tutorial --http://htmlgoodies.earthweb.com/
Dark Mountain's HTML tutorials -- http://www.darkmountain.com/homepage.html
http://www.fontseek.com/ - To find Fonts
Free Trial version of Flash from Macromedia
Free CGI Scripts - Matt's Script Archive
Cliff's Perl Script Collection
ZDNet -- a great site for info and downloads!!
Free Web Counter
BigNoseBird site -- a very interesting and useful site!!

New Things to Try

The Free Site
Pagetalk - for recording messages for your web site
CGI Resource Site
Macromedia Site
e.Fax service - Free
Another free fax service
EZpolls --Real-time web survey for your page. Your visitors vote, then see the results. Customizable colors and options. Easy setup - no CGI!
Free 30-day trial of Macromedia
Linkscan (http://www.elsop.com/) Software that checks links (recommended by a DCWW email list participant.
http://www.easyspace.com/about/ -- Links for webmaster aids (like CGI tutorial, etc.)
Visual Quickstart series -- Series of computer learning books from www.peachpit.com

WEB Writing Links

Writing for the WEB, the SUN manual
A Career in Online Writing and Editing
http://www.useit.com/papers/webwriting/ - Jacob Nielson's compilation of suggested links
http://www.ebizwebpages.com/website-writing-content-guide.html - Writing Correct Website Content: A Guide to Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary

AOL Links

AOL's Webmaster site


Free Javascript Lessons - very good site
How to get pop-up images (free to non-commerical sites)
JavaScript Reference Manual
http://www.searchmakerpro.com --(this one has a workable search bar for $40)

Search engines sites

A good list of search engines
A web-based calendar
A literary search engine

Photoshop and Graphics related sites

Incorporating Fonts Into Web Design --Information about fonts
GrafX Design Web Graphics Tutorials
VisiBone Webmaster's Color Lab - a neat place to find how colors work together
A Word About Color and Web - Understanding color usage on t he WEB
Transparent/interlaced Gif resources- I don't know what this is -- check it out
Lynda.com - great color site
Color Reference site from DC Webwomen site
SmartDraw - a template drawing package that lets you try before yu buy and only costs $49
Printable Color Hex Chart from Doug's Home Page: home.flash.net (He also has RGB color chart!)

Business oriented sites

Society for Technical Information - Their site. Resource for writers, web writers, etc.
Publisher's Marketing Association - Resources for authors and publishers
The Small Business Advisor - helping small and home based businesses
Small Press Center
Web Gallery of Art:
DC Web Women
Internet Program - Women's Business Center, Inc. - Washington, DC
Ezine-how and why to run
Business-in-a-Box: -- Small Business Tools for Entrepreneurs from Women.com
Example of a site that promotes a WEB business
Another site that promotes WEB design services  
Become a Graphic Designer


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