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Page 14

A blank page and a poem are not
proper opposites. A page blackened,
so that nothing more can be written on it
(not in black, anyway) would more fully
oppose the invitation that is blankness.

What is the opposite of filling in the blank?
Erasure? But creating blankness lacks
the specificity of creating some thing,
unless you create just anything --
but once created, anything becomes
some particular thing and begins to imagine
it is inevitable and immortal and
isn't sure YOU really exist.

Whereas blankness is general and always
only blankness. Though a specialist
in blankness (a blankologist?) could tell
one blank page from another, and when humans
make nothing of things, they make rubble,

very variegated stuff, no ruin like
any other. To make REAL nothing, a tank
must fire, not blanks, but blankness.
It takes a blankness to make a blankness.

We are told that nothing can come of nothing.
True, nothing can come ONLY of nothing.

Note: Most of the means we typically use when we attempt to make nothing of things or people do not make "nothing", but a random profusion of things, particles, disordered energies, shattered bodies, etc. The problems we attempt to eradicate by such means do not become nothing, but persist in ever more difficult to confront forms (for example, the responsible citizens who, because they make trouble for those who would be in control, are persecuted and become "freedom fighters," who, in turn, are destroyed and become martyrs to inspire others or who are turned into masses of impoverished, diseased bodies or insane black-holes that exude only hatred -- whose contagion threatens ANY order, etc.

A bullet (a "something") can't make nothing. To make nothing, fire...nothingness. "Nothing can come of nothing", said someone (the fool?) in King Lear.

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