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Page 183

I don't have to write, you know. I'm no addict.
I can take it or leave it -- no, really!
I only write socially, just when there are readers here
to talk to. I'm not one of those solitary writers.

(You ARE here, aren't you?)

I can leave pages blank any time, doesn't bother me
the least tiny bit. You think I'm in denial? Well,
watch THIS:


[t...t...th...the...(SLAP! SLAP! Pull
yourself together, man!)]

[Thanks, I needed that.]


[er?...uh...(STOP that!)]




There, that's enough (Whew!), isn't that enough?
I mean I COULD just leave whole pages blank, at least
the rest of this one. Hell, I could leave the rest of this book
blank, but the principle's the same, isn't it? I know
I can stop anytime. I just came back to check
if you were still here, make sure you'd seen for yourself.

(You ARE still here, aren't you? I wish you'd answer me
just once.)

Hell, I know how to stop. I can even stop
right in the middle of

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