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Page 32

Is is? Si si! Much ado, all this, about nothing.
Ado you do? "Do you take this man..." "Ado!"
Cock-ado: An interrupted rooster or
a definition of sex or a cockatoo
with a head cold.

What else should much ado be about
if not nothing? Writer and reader dance
a dance a deux, then part (adieu),
leaving words on pages, tattered old books,
moldy paper too soiled and flimsy to use
as toilet paper, much adoodoo. And yet

"Du, Du, liegst mir im Herzen" --
Thou, Thou art a weight in my
heart, O Dynamic Du, intimate form of you --
the thou of you, dearest dear, a dear, a doe,
a female deer....

Speaking of much ado about nothing, "a dieu"
means "to God", as, in parting, I commend you
to God, good-bye, God be with ye.
God in reverse is dog, who leaves behind
a doodoo, a doggy adieu; God being
no thing, not form, space, matter, energy, time,
nor any thing, for there is much nothing
about a Dieu, perfect in non-being, like,
as was earlier noted (made not?), a goddess, for
whatever Isis is is right.

Note: Here's where most of my readers have left me. Those who enjoyed this barrage of word-play won't need much more annotation – but will get it anyway. I'm particularly proud of the move from "much ado about nothing" to "much nothing about adieu" (whether in the sense of much nothing about God or much nothing about farewell (Not that God is nothing, but that God is no thing.)

Note: The mystic's prayer: "O that this too too solid flesh would melt, resolve into a dieu."

If God is nothing, and also feminine, God may be nothing like a dame.

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