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Page 8

Nothing loves anything. That is, nothing
is needy and will bestow its love
on anything. (Or no thing can love
any thing or anything?) What to write?
Something, anything, thing. THING for your
thupper, poet!

But WHICH thing? ANY thing. This
or that. Come on, WHAT must make
a difference. What is a GOOD thing,
a BEAUTIFUL thing to say?

Of course, I'm not SAYing anything.
(Can you hear me here, not speaking?)
Nor am I an I, nor you a you,
unless you (who are not you) make it so.

You and I, the only real blanks there are,
one blank creating a voice
to speak to another blank,
who creates a voice to hear,
speaker and listener co-creating
something -- that process being the point
all our pointed points point to,

so what matter what thing (what matter)
we create? Hello, Blankness, my old friend...

Note: Last line owes its form to the Simon & Garfunkel song, "The Sound of Silence", with it's line, "Hello, darkness, my old friend".

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