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Samples of Deanotations

You can download a PDF Sample of
Deanotations 90
Deanotations 91
Deanotations 92
Deanotations 93
Deanotations 94
Deanotations 95
Deanotations 96
Deanotations 97
Deanotations 98
Deanotations 99
Deanotations 100
Deanotations 101
Deanotations 102
Deanotations 103
Deanotations 104
Deanotations 105
Deanotations 106
Deanotations 107
Deanotations 108
Deanotations 109
Deanotations 110 - Final Issue, 24 pages.

You can also view in HTML the content of Deanotations 1 - our very first issue in 1984!
or Deanotations 5 - with the super poem: Fleur de Mal!


(You must have Acrobat Reader to read it.)

Deanotations is available by subscription application to the author. It costs $10 per year or $17.50 for a two year subscription or $25.00 for three years and runs every other month. Students, Seniors and others who can't afford full price may apply for a one-half price subscription. A gift subscription purchased by a subscriber for another is $5 for one year.
To subscribe or for 2 FREE issues, email the author   

Last updated: December 14, 2008