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Poetry, Poetry, Poetry

The Featured Poem


The latest Featured Poem by Dean Blehert
The Featured Poem Archive (Past Featured Poems)

Dean's Latest Book, Blank Pages

Blank Pages on the Web
Blank Pages (PDF)

Poems with audio

  Dean's poems in RealAudio

Here's a poem that strikes a chord with just about everybody. Listen to a reading of "How Poetry is Done" from Please, Lord, Make Me a Famous Poet or at Least Less Fat in RealAudio

The Distaff Side: Pam's Favorite Recent Poems read by Pam Blehert with audio

Formal verse

  Formal Verse introduction and index

Light verse

  Light Verse introduction and index

Haiku and related forms


Haiku introduction and index

Poem series


Mental Health for Dummies page 1 (or How Psychiatry is Destructive Only When Used As Directed) by Dean Blehert and now Page 2.
Power, a series of poems on Power by Dean Blehert
Peace, A series of poems on peace, by Dean Blehert

Illustrated Poems

  The Doll's Journey

Compilations of poem-a-day by year


Dean's "poem-a-day 2001" page for poems sent by email in 2001
Dean's "poem-a-day 2002" page for poems sent by email in 2002
Dean's "poem-a-day 2003" page for poems sent by email in 2003
Dean's "poem-a-day 2004" page for poems sent by email in 2004
Dean's "poem-a-day 2005" page for poems sent by email in 2005
Dean's "poem-a-day 2006" page for poems sent by email in 2006
A selection of Dean’s Recent Short Poems (posted 7-18-2012)

Ekphrastic poems

  "Ekphrastic" poem-paintings (collaborations by artist and poet)


  Free copies of past Deanotations issues

Large PDF Selection

  A PDF file of Dean's Select Collection (many new and unpublished!) To view only, click the link with the left mouse. To download the PDF file, click with the right mouse and "save target as."

Samples from Dean's books


Last updated: Sunday, November 11, 2012